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10 guilty pleasures every Miamian embraces

There’s no shame in our game.

Written by
Jannely Espinal

Lazy days on the beach and endless pool parties come to mind as some of the simple pleasures of spending time in Miami. While lounging in the sun is what most tourists enjoy, Miamians know there are more ways to indulge in the Magic City. Whether it’s making a detour for warm pastelitos on our way to work or staying out too late and watching the sunrise, locals delight in more than the shoreline. Below, the guilty pleasures every Miamian has embraced at some point in their 305 existence.

1. Watch the sunrise at the beach

Many Miamians take pride in staying out late to catch the first beams of sunlight and take a stroll on the empty sand, especially if it's New Year's Day. And when we’re not ready to hit the beach, we watch from our sick balconies.

2. Staycation at a hotel with a killer view

Tourists aren’t the only ones enjoying the amenities at Miami hotels—locals like to escape regular life for a night away, too. And if room service is included then even better. There is nothing like waking up on 800-thread-count sheets while relishing the sounds of the ocean.

3. Sip a good mojito

The operative word here is good. Miamians know where to find a solid mojito and aren’t afraid of veering away from the classics with tropical variations like mango and lychee. It may be the drinks tourists come in search of but a proper mojito holds a place in our hearts, too.

4. Have a photoshoot at an iconic art display

Miamians live for the Instagram-worthy experience, which means snapping pics at larger-than-life sculptures or anything that reflects our iconic Art Deco architecture. From Miami Design District to Wynwood to South Beach, every arty corner in the city is fair game for a photo op.

5. Call in sick to work or a boat day

Sorry, we’re not sorry. If you live here, you know someone who knows someone with a boat—and when the crew calls, you go. Unfortunately, some of those can’t-miss boat days happen to fall on workdays. Boating around Coconut Grove or Biscayne Bay is a year-round indulgence Miamians fully embrace.

6. Go people-watching around Lincoln Road

Locals don’t mind playing tourist and when we do, we head to Lincoln Road to scope out the crowded panorama—preferably from our perch at one of the outdoor restaurants. Watching for hot travelers while sipping a cafecito is sort of our pastime.

7. Opt for sunset boozing at a rooftop bar

We have so many great rooftops and we unabashedly enjoy them. Whether it’s sipping a cocktail with the Downtown skyline as our backdrop or sitting atop a bar in Brickell enjoying the skyline, rooftop happy hours are always a treat.

8. Going to Sunday brunch that turns into a daytime party

A good brunch involves unlimited mimosas, a chef-driven menu and a lively environment where standing up and dancing is totally acceptable. Miamians like a brunch that involves day-drinking and among a crowd who won't judge you for wearing last night’s outfit.

9. Wear a sweater and boots in 60-degree weather

Many northerners make fun of Miamians for wearing their wool coats in a tropical city. When the temps dip below 60 degrees, locals will proudly show-off their suede boots and their knee-length coats. After all, you only get to wear it once a year in Miami—maybe twice if you’re lucky.

10. Go the distance for fresh cinnamon rolls

When the ultimate bakeshop is selling fresh-out-the-oven cinnamon rolls, you drive the distance and stand in line to wait as long it’s needed. For people who spend too much time sitting in traffic, driving out of the way for anything is the guiltiest of pleasures.

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