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LoKal’s Matt Kuscher ranks the city’s best cheeseburgers

Virginia Gil
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Virginia Gil

National Cheeseburger Day, the delicious food holiday whose secondary purpose is obliterating our diet, takes place on September 18. Having run through the list of Miami’s best burgers on National Burger Day (May 28), we tapped our resident expert to dish on all things cheesy and meaty between two buns this time around. Here, Time Out Market’s Matt Kuscher, a.k.a. local superhero Kaptain Kush and the man behind LoKal, Kush and the Spillover, tells us his top five cheeseburgers to eat in Miami.

“When I’m not eating burgers at my own restaurants, I typically like to eat burgers that make me feel like I’m in fifth grade again, at a neighborhood barbecue. For that feeling,  my favorite greasy spoons are:

5. Burger Bobs
It’s cheap, it’s simple but it transports me back into my childhood.

4. Mary’s Coin & Laundry
That same exact [barbecue] feeling except it’s the Latin version. Get your cheeseburger with a batido de platano (banana milkshake). Also, Mary’s pan con bistec is the best in Miami.

3. Babe’s Meat & Counter
I just discovered Babe’s and everything they do is great. They make everything in-house. Pinecrest is very lucky to have them there, I wish it was in my neighborhood.

When I prefer a fancy burger, it’s a tie between:

2. Bird and Bone 
For its double burger [a double Angus beef patty, bacon, onion, Florida cheddar cheese]

1. Ariete
For the chug burger 

Both the Ariete and Bird and Bone burgers are delicious dishes by great chefs in cool places.

Bonus: One of the best cheeseburgers at our spots is the Babbaooey at Spillover. The Spider cinnamon butter sauce with caramelized apples, grilled onions, crispy bacon, honey mustard and brie is delicious.”


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