The best burgers in Miami are so good you’ll want to marry them

We know where to find the best burgers in Miami, and we’re here to share our beefy wisdom

Photograph: @batteryoperatedproductions

So, you’re looking for the best burger in Miami? Well, my hungry friend, you’ve come to the right place. And you’ve chosen a hell of a food, too. Miami loves a good burger and, really, who doesn’t? The burger transcends cultures and countries. It’s simple to make, fun to eat—but surprisingly hard to get right. Here, you’ll find them on the menu of the best restaurants in Miami, within stumbling distance of the best bars in Miami and available among Miami’s best drunk food options. But, like everything in this city, we do burgers a tad differently. You’ll find the classics on this list but you’ll also find some interesting Latin twists on the American staple.

Best burgers in Miami



Matthew Kuscher—the mind behind Lokal, Vicky’s House, Kush and the Spillover—is known for producing food that leaves his tables on plates licked-clean. But his burgers have our heart. They, after all, are what started this whole thing at his first venture in Coconut Grove, Lokal. There ain’t a bad patty on the menu. All the beef is sourced from Marion County’s Fort McCoy Ranch and ground fresh daily. If we just absolutely had to choose, our ride-or-die is Juan’s Fidy-Fidy, a burger that blends a 50/50 ratio of beef and bacon into a magical savory creation. Close runner-up: the sweet guava-topped Frita burger. 

Photograph: Courtesy Lokal

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Coconut Grove

Le Chick

At Wynwood’s Le Chick, they’d have you believe that the main event is the rotisserie chicken. And it is good—juicy and tender and such. But the real star of the show is a sneaky little burger called the Royale with Cheese. This awesome burger combines simplicity with craft. Two juicy smash-patties buried in American cheese sit between a fluffy house-baked bun. It looks huge but this thing goes down easy and will have you begging your stomach to make more room.

Photograph: Courtesy Le Chick

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BND Burger

Well past the average dinner time, after, perhaps, a few too many cocktails—this is the friend you need. Delivered to you in a neat little paper wrapper, BND’s burgers keep it simple: smash-patty (or two if you’re up for it), American cheese, potato bun, lettuce and tomato. Order a side of fries and, before you know it, you’ll be ready to head back out into the Wynwood night. 

Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/Miri R.

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One of the essential Coconut Grove restaurants, Ariete does some really nice, thoughtful American plates but is by no means too good for the burger. Its Chug Burger comes stacked with two patties, American cheese, B&B pickles and the special Ariete sauce. Thankfully, it sidesteps the ingredient overload many classy burgers fall victim to—but you can add bacon for an extra $3. You’ve been good this week. Do it. 

Photograph: @batteryoperatedproductions

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West Coconut Grove

Blue Collar

Blue Collar is like Pavlov's bell. Just hearing its name makes our mouths water. It is excruciatingly tough to pick from the tasty menu but no one in their right mind will ever shame you for going with the dry aged cheeseburger. A Portuguese muffin subs in for the classic bun and it does a great job of absorbing the juice from the NY strip patty.

Photograph: Courtesy Blue Collar

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Little Haiti / Lemon City

Pinch Kitchen

The Pinch Burger is only available during brunch and lunch, but it’s very worth waking up for. An eight-ounce custom beef blend is nestled between a brioche bun. Add swiss cheese, caramelized onions, aioli, fries and—poof—your hangover magically disappears. 

Photograph: Andrea Lorena

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Swine Southern Table & Bar

During the SBWFF’s annual Burger Bash, the Swine Burger was awarded a big ol’ $5,000 check by none other than the tzar of Flavor Town, Guy Fieri. They took home the coveted people’s choice award, so you know this thing must be good because there were, like, 300 burgers present at the Burger Bash. We’re still recovering, honestly.

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Coral Gables

Pincho Factory

Folks love the burgers over at Pincho Factory. With 10 South Florida locations, Pincho has become well known for its Toston Burger, which uses two crispy fried plantains (AKA tostones) in place of the bun. It’s certainly worth a taste, but the staple Pincho burger, topped with crispy potato sticks, is probably the best thing on the menu. Order up and find a quiet place to nap it off. 

Photograph: Courtesy Pincho Factory

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Coral Gables

Jr's Gourmet Burgers

A favorite locals spot, Jr’s has racked up awards and won burger competitions with their serious burgers. These are burgers with a capital B, piled high with round patties and no shortage of toppings. A good introduction is the Big Daddy, a simple-enough creation that comes in a heaping half-pound portion if you’re really hungry.

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Miami Springs

Le Tub Saloon

Le Tub is a slice of old salty South Florida that you don’t see much of anymore. A derelict toilet bowl sits in the front yard. Inside the wooden waterfront dive, you really don’t even need a menu. Order the obvious and prepare for a softball of a burger to be dropped in front of you. The patties are thick and they’ll cook ‘em up very rare for you if you’d like. Le Tub is an old-school favorite we hope never goes away. 

Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/Kevin W.

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