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Group fitness
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Miami gyms are reopening—and here’s what you can and can’t do

The dos and don’ts of exercising at your local fitness studio.

Virginia Gil
Written by
Virginia Gil

So, you’re ready to hit the gym again? Miami fitness studios will resume business on Monday, June 8, and for some, it’s been the best reopening news to leave the county mayor’s office. Our wellness-focused city is ready to get back out there, working up a sweat safely. So what will the new protocols look like? Is social distancing even possible in a small-class setting? The short answers: thorough and yes, even boutique fitness will be expected to abide by the new norms. Keep in mind that one of the main rules of reopening is maintaining occupancy to 50 percent or less. Below, a few things to keep in mind before working up a sweat doing indoor fitness.

What’s reopening?
Wellness facilities include but are not limited to: commercial gyms, fitness centers, dance studios, martial arts studios, yoga studios, spinning studios and personal training services. Basically, if the place is indoors and the activity performed there is considered exercise, it’s a wellness facility and it should adhere to the county’s new guidelines.

Who needs to wear a mask at the gym?
-All employees must wear them at all times
-Folks participating in non-strenuous exercises like yoga and pilates within six feet of one another 
-Everyone walking in and out of the gym or fitness studio

How much will I need to socially distance myself from others while in class?
The distance depends on the type of workout. If it’s low-impact then six feet of separation will suffice, but you’ll need to wear a mask. For more grueling exercises, where sweat is bound to travel, then 10 feet will be required. Any class where people are spaced 10 feet apart, no matter the level of activity, will not require the use of a mask.

What can I bring with me?
Miami-Dade guidelines state that folks can bring their own towels, water bottles, heart-rate monitors and other personal-use items. However, we strongly urge you to check with your gym before doing so.

Will I have the use of a locker?
No, common amenities such as lockers will not be permitted at this time. Bring yourself and leave everything else in the car or at home.

Can I shower at the gym?
That’s hard no. Only showers near pools may be used and explicitly before entering the water. Saunas also remained closed.

Can I go back to Bikram?
Hot yoga or exercises performed in rooms heated above 90 degrees are not allowed.

What other workouts are banned for now?
Sparring and aerial fitness are not permitted for the time being.

Can I do water aerobics?
Yes, but classes will be limited in size to ensure that everyone remains six feet apart in the pool. Swimming laps? Only one person per lane, please.

What other safety precautions should I take?
-If you’re early to class, wait in your car. Loitering outside the studio or in lobby areas that are still open will likely not be allowed.
-Reserve your spot in advance. Most studios won’t be allowing drop-ins but those that do will be able to plan ahead if you book ahead.

What kind of new hygiene efforts should I expect?
Clean-freak levels of sanitization will be in place. Routine cleanings will happen every two hours, especially on high-touch surfaces such as door handles, screens and handrails. Equipment will be wiped down after each use, too.

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