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The best food delivery in Miami that won’t leave you hungry

Hungry but don’t want to leave the house? Lucky for your lazy butt, there’s no shortage of food delivery in Miami.
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Food delivery in Miami has saved us on more than one hungover occasion. Look, we’ve heard the arguments: It’s so expensive to use a delivery service! Why don’t you just go pick it up yourself? Or cook? Well, you have clearly never met our bed. It’s very comfortable. And our Netflix queue isn’t going to watch itself. And now that major food delivery services like Uber Eats and Grubhub have put some of the best burgers in Miami and best tacos in Miami at our fingertips we feel obliged to take advantage of the technology. If it’s a treat-yo-self kind of afternoon, look to these Miami delivery services for help.

Food delivery in Miami

Photograph: Unsplash/Eiliv Aceron


Grubhub will prompt you to enter your address then provide you with a decent list of nearby options. There are typical categories to choose from: sandwiches, Latin, sushi and more. Delivery fees do vary by restaurant and will generally run between $2 and $5. You can ask your food be delivered ASAP or you can schedule up to four days in advance. Only certain restaurants allow you to track the progress of your delivery though.

Uber Eats
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Uber Eats

Probably has the biggest selection of restaurants to pick from in Miami. Users of the flagship Uber ride-share app shouldn’t have much trouble navigating this mobile app. Uber Eats can be pricy though. Expect a $4.99 delivery fee to be added to any order (and you still have an options to tip the driver too). The Uber Eats tracking system is super accurate but the initial estimated time of delivery usually gets pushed back 10 to 20 minutes, so don’t expect your food to stay super hot.

Amazon Prime
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Amazon Prime Now

Are you an Amazon Prime member? If so, then Amazon’s sweet delivery service comes with your service. It’s available to Miami customers though there is a $4.99 delivery fee unless your order is over $35.

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DoorDash is a relatively new delivery app in Miami. DoorDash tries to separate itself by promising speed, claiming to fulfill all deliveries in one hour or less. It has a pretty wide selection to pick from with a lot of fast food options too. DoorDash offers all new members 30 days with no delivery fee too, which is a pretty sweet deal considering delivery fees can range from 99 cents to more than $8.

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Postmates is another national delivery giant on par with Uber Eats. The two operate very similarly as well. Pick a spot, order up (brace for what’s normally a $3.99 delivery fee) and track your order as it makes its way to you. Postmates loves offering spontaneous discount codes for free deliveries, so be sure to turn notifications on to receive the codes.

Delivery Dudes
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Delivery Dudes

Delivery Dudes are a reliable service that operates in Miami Beach only (from South Beach to Mid-Beach). You can order both online or through a mobile app. Order tracking is available as well and all deliveries have a flat delivery charge of $6.99.

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Can you really just not handle the grocery store right now? Instacart is your new best friend then. Get groceries delivered from Public, Whole Foods, CVS and more. Need booze? They can get you the goods from Total Wine and even Petco in case your cat needs something to nibble on. 

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