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The best food trucks in Miami for tasty mobile eats

If you’re looking for amazing food trucks, Miami has lots of mobile kitchens slinging burgers, desserts and more

Caja Caliente
Photograph: Courtesy Caja Caliente
By Matt Meltzer and Time Out Miami contributors |

Food trucks? Miami has plenty of them. It’s one dining trend this city can’t get enough of (along with, of course, the brunches in Miami). Roving restaurants are the barometer of a city’s food scene. Big name chefs might open concepts in trendy neighborhoods, but skyrocketing rents have forced the real culinary creatives to turn to food trucks, where they create everything from the best desserts in Miami to tacos that rival those from the best Mexican restaurants in Miami. These days, hitting a Miami food truck rally on a Saturday night gives you more inventive options than an entire season of restaurant dining—for half the price.

Best food trucks in Miami

Ms. Cheezious
Photograph: Courtesy Ms. Cheezious
Restaurants, Sandwich shops

Ms. Cheezious Food Truck

Despite roaring success in its two stand-alone stores, Ms. Cheezious keeps it real and still roams the streets in its trademark turquoise truck. Sandwiches like the grilled bleu and bacon, the frito pie melt and the fried chicken and waffle melt have become staples of the South Florida culinary landscape. And they still taste just as delicious handed down to you from that magical window as they did in the beginning. 

Where to find it: You can track the truck's whereabouts through the Ms. Cheezious Twitter account

Don Mofongo
Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/Moraine S.
Restaurants, Dominican

Don Mofongo

icon-location-pin West Kendall

For out-of-town visitors looking for a true taste of Miami in the form of a food truck, go to Don Mofongo. The specialty is—obviously—mofongo, the smashed-plantain Caribbean delicacy mixed with chicharrones and garlic sauce. But the truck’s menu has some other fantastic native dishes, like the chimi, a popular street food in Santo Domingo consisting of seasoned beef on a bun. The grilled churrasco with onions and tostones is a wise choice too. Simply put: it's all worth a bite. 

Where to find it: Don Mofongos is usually parked out in Kendall (9225 SW 137th Ave). Keep up with them on Facebook to see any special events. 

Purple People Eatery
Photograph: Courtesy Purple People Eatery
Restaurants, American creative

Purple People Eatery

icon-location-pin Wynwood

If you’ve never had a bison burger, this food truck is the place to try one. The truck is a collaboration between chefs David Shipman and Michelle Duncan and it serves up some of the most unique food to come on four wheels in Miami. The real niche, though, is the buffalo burger. The classic is a steal at $9, but—if you want to get fancy—the truffled burger with quail egg, red pepper, truffle oil and goat cheese is the best thing on the menu.

Where to find it: This truck is a frequent guest at Wynwood brewery J. Wakefield and also maintains a schedule on its website,

A cuban frita, Little Havanna, Miami, FL
Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Marcel Fahle

El Rey de la Fritas

Touted as Miami’s original frita spot, El Rey de las Fritas has four brick-and-mortars in Miami, plus its big yellow food truck that makes its way across the city. While you won’t get all the options available at its permanent locations—like getting it topped with a fried egg—the trucks serve the handmade Cuban burger in all its classic glory.

Where to find it: Find it slinging fritas at Magic City Casino, at one-off events and various places around town.

King of Racks BBQ
Photograph: Courtesy King of Racks BBQ
Restaurants, Barbecue

King of Racks

icon-location-pin Kendall

Sometimes it feels like South Florida is a barbecue desert. And then you happen upon the oasis that is King of Racks, a rolling smoked meat emporium that quenches your barbecue thirst with mouthfuls of homemade sweet and tangy sauce. As the name might imply, the go-to order here is the baby back ribs, which are slow cooked and served with creamed corn. However, if you want something that won’t leave sauce all over your face, the brisket sandwich and pulled pork tacos will have you thinking you’re square in Texas—until you feel the humidity. 

Where to find it: King of Racks travels to different events and competitions around town. Keep up with its whereabouts via the King of Racks Facebook page

La Pollita
Photograph: Yelp/Grace R.
Restaurants, Mexican

La Pollita

icon-location-pin Midtown

Reap the benefits of five-star training at bargain prices at La Pollita. Run by two chefs who’ve made the rounds at Michelin restaurants in New York City, Mexico City and beyond, this egg-yolk colored truck doles out simple fare made with quality ingredients. Do try the tacos—they’re phenomenal—but don’t sleep on the fried chicken sandwich. It’s toothsome and remarkably light.

Where to find it: La Pollita is tucked in Jade Alley, a quiet corner of the Miami Design District. 

Mr. Good Stuff
Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/Samantha D.
Restaurants, Venezuelan

Mr. Good Stuff

One of the cool things about living in Miami is that we have access to cuisines that aren’t too common in the rest of the country. Take, for example, Mr. Good Stuff's signature item, the luna, Venezuelan corn arepas filled with everything from BBQ pulled pork to short rib to gouda cheese. It’s the kind of thing you’d have to search long and hard for in other cities, but all we have to do is pull up Mr. Good Stuff’s Twitter and find the truck’s location.

Where to find it: Mr. Good Stuff is highly mobile and doesn’t really have a home base. However, the truck is generally good about posting where it will be via its Facebook and Twitter pages.

 Caja Caliente
Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/Caja Caliente
Restaurants, Cuban

Caja Caliente

icon-location-pin Midtown

We can all get behind a food truck we don’t have to chase down or track on our phones the moment we have a craving for tacos. And this one stays perfectly put in Wynwood, where it doles out Miami’s only Cuban-style tacos. Walk up to the window and treat yourself to lechón on a soft, warm tortilla and enjoy it sitting down. They have chairs, too.

Where to find it: Soon Caja Caliente will open its first brick-and-mortar in Coral Gables. But until then, you can find the truck in Wynwood.

Monster Burgers
Photograph: Courtesy Monster Burgers
Restaurants, Colombian

Monster Burgers

The best food truck burger in Miami can be found here, at this Colombian fast-food joint. Monster Burger serves up the best mobile flame-broiled beef in South Florida. The best part of these burgers is the crushed potato sticks atop the patty, adding an element of crunch and saltiness to the monsoon of sauces. The hot dogs are worth a try, too. Those are topped with sausage, bacon, mozzarella, the trademark Monster sauce and more potato sticks.

Where to find it: Monster Burgers is a regular at the weekly gathering of food trucks at ArtsPark (1 N Young Cir, Hollywood), every Monday from 5:30 to 9:30pm. Keep up with their Facebook page for other happenings. 

Egg Roll
Photograph: Shutterstock
Restaurants, Chinese

EggRoll Truck

Stuffing tacos and bao buns with everything under the sun has been a food truck staple for years, so it was only a matter of time before someone started doing it with egg rolls. This truck has, as it says, “flavors from all over the world” rolled into deep-fried wonton wrappers. There's the Philly cheese steak, sausage alfredo and roasted pork and plantains. Wash it down with homemade strawberry lemonade and you’ll never look at egg rolls the same again.

Where to find it: The egg roll gurus are normally posted up in a parking lot in Lauderdale Lakes (3684 W Oakland Park Blvd, Fort Lauderdale) but they travel around too and post about events on their Facebook page

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