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10 secret menu items at Miami restaurants

Looking to shake up your dining routine? Ditch your usual order for these tasty secret menu items at Miami restaurants.
Choripan at PM Steak House
Photograph: Courtesy PM Steak House Choripan

If you’re all about under-the-radar South Beach clubs and hidden Miami attractions, chances are off-the-menu items are an enticing proposition. What if we told you that several restaurants in Miami cater to in-the-know diners like you with secret menu items ranging from exotic uni creations to fried-chicken specials? Hungry yet? Read on for the most delicious underground dishes, where to find them and how to order like a pro. 

Secret menu items at Miami restaurants

The Foreman at The Pincho Factory
Photograph: Courtesy The Pincho Factory
Restaurants, Latin American

Foreman burger at Pincho Factory

icon-location-pin Coral Gables

When popular burger joint Pincho Factory first opened in South Miami, the owners added the Foreman to the chalkboard specials: a classic Pincho burger (lettuce, tomato, secret sauce) between two grilled cheese sandwiches. The decadent creation was quickly retired and never advertised again, but regulars with an extraordinary appetite know to ask for it by name.

Choripan at PM Steak House
Photograph: Courtesy PM Steak House
Restaurants, Argentinian

Choripan at PM Fish & Steak House

icon-location-pin Brickell

One of Argentina’s most popular street-food items is available only during lunchtime—if you ask. The traditional sandwich is toasted and stuffed with grilled chorizo, and finished off with house-made chimichurri sauce.

Poke bowl at Mondrian Caffè
Photograph: Courtsey Mondrian Caffè
Restaurants, Contemporary American

Poke pineapple bowl at Mondrian Caffè

icon-location-pin South Beach

With a spread of Hawaiian-inspired dishes, it’s to be expected that a poke bowl would be on the menu—but it’s not. You’ll have to specially request the poke bowl, which features fresh salmon and tuna as well as avocado, red onion and heirloom tomatoes all packed into a hollowed pineapple. It’s an Insta-worthy dish that tastes as good as it looks.

Photograph: Courtesy Fooq's
Restaurants, Persian

Bucatini carbonara at Fooq's

icon-location-pin Park West

Both first-timers and regulars at downtown Miami restaurant Fooq’s know to order the carbonara pasta at brunch. But what most people don’t know is that the bucatini special—made with eggs, smoked pancetta, Parmigiano Reggiano and pecorino—is always available as long as there are fresh eggs in the kitchen.

Zeitaku Burger at Katsuya
Photograph: Courtesy Katsuya
Restaurants, Japanese

Zeitaku burger at Katsuya

icon-location-pin South Beach

Chef Yoshi Migita’s decadent burger, whose name means luxury and extravagance in Japanese, was created for in-the-know diners with deep pockets. Stacked tall inside its black bamboo charcoal buns is a patty that combines Hudson Valley foie gras with American wagyu beef and sharp cheddar cheese, bibb lettuce, escabeche onions, heirloom tomatoes and herb aioli. For $100, trust you’ll get fries—triple-fried, in fact—with your burger.

Shishito peppers tempura at Makoto
Photograph: Courtesy Makoto
Restaurants, Japanese

Shishito peppers tempura at Makoto

icon-location-pin Bal Harbour

Makoto’s shishito peppers are an addictive starter—crunchy, salty, spicy. So how do you make this on-menu dish even tastier? Give diners the option to order it battered in tempura, deep fried and finished off with a sprinkling of sesame and bonito flakes.

Photograph: Robert Giordano
Restaurants, Seafood

Frituras de malanga at Seaspice

icon-location-pin Overtown

Both Seaspice’s executive chef Angel Leon and owner Carlos Miranda grew up eating frituras de malanga and consider the crispy vegetable fritters to be the ultimate appetizer. It’s not on the menu but diners who ask for the Cuban dish will receive an order on the house—which beats a side of french fries any day. 

Pinch Kitchen
Photograph: Courtesy Pinch Kitchen/Dreamer of Nights Production
Restaurants, American creative

Pan con tomate y boquerones at Pinch Kitchen

icon-location-pin Miami

You’ll find plenty of Spanish starters on the menu at Pinch, including ceviche and marinated olives. Also available is Catalonia’s popular pan con tomato: house-made focaccia topped with fresh tomatoes, a drizzle of olive oil and sliced speck. Prefer fish over ham? Ask the server to have yours made with boquerones instead.

Nigiri of the Night at DÔA
Photograph: Veronica Castillo
Restaurants, Japanese

Nigiri of the Night at DÔA

icon-location-pin South Beach

This secret-menu item is so fresh, you won’t know what you’re getting until you arrive at the restaurant. The reason? DÔA’s nightly nigiri special depends on what sushi chef Guilherme Ferrari receives that day. Previous options have included toro and wagyu and typically run about $10 for two pieces.

Hudson Valley foie gras at Gianni's at The Villa
Photograph: Courtesy Gianni's at The Villa
Restaurants, Mediterranean

Hudson Valley foie gras Gianni's at The Villa

icon-location-pin South Beach

Gianni’s understands its clients have a discerning palate. For those who favor more gourmet starters, chef Thomas Stewart stocks grade A foie gras from Hudson Valley, New York. “It’s common for people to ask for foie gras (or a side of it) when they see our menu,” Stewart says.

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