Where to go for the best drunk food in Miami

From hot dogs and pizza slices at dawn to after-hours gourmet grub, this is where to go for the best drunk food in Miami

Photograph: Courtesy CC/Flickr/Chris GoldbergBurger and sweet potato fries at Big Pink

Looking for late-night restaurants in Miami? In search of the heroes that stay open till dawn, serving the sloshed and hungry with courage and plenty of cheese? We've got the scoop on where to go for the best drunk food in Miami. Whether you're just coming from one of the best clubs in Miami or perhaps one of Miami's best bars, these places are sure to satisfy even the drunkest of appetites. And, hey, if you still have room the next day, be sure to keep the party going at one of the best brunches in Miami.

Where to go for the best drunk food in Miami


Employees Only

Employees Only is one of Miami Beach’s coolest new bars to come along in years. And the best part about this vintage watering hole is that you need to move a grand total of zero inches in order to transition from amazing cocktails ($14–$15) to satisfying drunk food. The bar’s late-night menu goes from 1am–4:30am and features items like the bone marrow poppers ($12), oysters, a truffled grilled cheese sandwich with fries ($17) and—if you’re really a high roller—go for the $68 rib eye and watch as everyone drools in your direction. Late-night menu available daily 1am–4:30am.

South Beach

La Sandwicherie


It’s one of Miami’s most storied drunk food traditions. After slamming some cheap beer at Mac’s Club Deuce, one of Miami’s oldest and most beloved dive bars, patrons walk (remember to look both ways) across the street to La Sandwicherie. This simple outdoor counter—which serves fresh and filling sandwiches with a French flair—offers a few seats at the bar. Ordering often gets chaotic, especially around 2am. But be patient and perhaps you’ll be rewarded with the “Frenchie,” a subtle yet rich combination of French salami and brie cheese ($9.70). Sandwicherie also has a Brickell location with more of a sit-down atmosphere. Open Sat–Wed until 5am; Thu–Fri until 6am.

South Beach

BND Burger

This quick and casual restaurant is the sister of Wood Tavern. BND is always a safe bet for simple yet quality burgers and wings. It’s bar food essentials—but done the right way. The food is cheap and comes quick. A cheeseburger, served on a squishy potato bun, is only $6.75. You should probably add cheese fries because it’s midnight and you’re drunk. Open daily until 1:30am.


La Moon

Forget everything you know about the hot dog because these ain’t your father’s wieners. La Moon is famous for its Colombian hot dogs—AKA perros—and it has some absolutely insane takes on the hamburger’s companion. If you’re brave enough, go for the SuperMoon Perro ($7.75), which features a smoked sausage, bacon and a quail egg on a long bun drenched with multiple types of delicious sauce. You’ll burp for an hour but it will sop up any lingering alcohol in your system. Open Tue until 2am; Wed until midnight; Thu until 2am; Fri–Sat until 6am; Sun until midnight.


Big Pink

Big Pink is one of those experiences every Miamian should have at least once. Located across the street from Story Nightclub, this retro diner is colorful in more ways than one. Pink is a place you go for the atmosphere, which, admittedly, can get a bit weird on a late weekend night when the club kids start to roll in. But surely you’ll be able to find something for your palate on the over 200-item menu. Intimidating, we know. But just go with the patty melt ($14.50) and strap in for some huge portions and grade-A people watching. Open Sun–Wed until midnight; Thu until 2am; Fri–Sat until 5am.

South of Fifth

Bodega Taqueria y Tequila

At this point, Bodega is no longer a well-kept secret. The bar is one of the more popular on Miami Beach. But those who go just for the nightlife are missing out on some downright delicious tacos. For less than $5 a pop, you can scarf down some al pastor, barbacoa and an awesome shifting rotation of weekly specialty tacos. Open daily until 5am.

South Beach

Mary's Cafe

At first, your friends will ask you why the hell you’re taking them to a laundromat at 3am. But soon enough, they’ll be thanking you in between bites of standard Cuban classics. Mary’s Cafe, a bit north of Coconut Grove, is attached to a laundromat and open 24-hours. Most items on the menu are less than $6. Unsure of what to get? Go with a batido (essentially a Cuban milkshake) and an order of croquetas. You’re welcome. Open daily 24 hours.

Shenandoah / Silver Bluff

Steve's Pizza

Unfortunately, Steve’s isn’t close to any big nightlife hub, but it’s an essential pit stop on any Uber ride home that goes above NE 121st Street. Steve’s is a NYC-style pizza shop with a Miami twist. Like many pies in Miami, the dough is thick and the sauce is sweet. But Steve’s gets right what so many in the town get wrong: the crust. It’s soft but crispy with a great combination of chew and crunch. A medium pizza will cost you $12.25. Load it up with meat and veggies at an extra cost, but be careful not to exceed maximum capacity. Steve’s is not stingy with the toppings. Open Mon–Thu until 3am; Fri–Sat until 4am; Sun until 2am.

North Miami

Lung Yai Thai Tapas

Look, don’t come here blasted out of your mind. If you show up belligerent, you’re just wasting one hell of a dining experience and, chances are, Chef Bas will fling a utensil at you. But, if you have had a few mojitos down in Little Havana and your stomach is starting to talk, Lung Yai is an absolute gem, serving up some of the city’s best Thai food. Period. And it’s open on weekends until 2am. There are some rules to follow. You are to wait patiently for a table after signing your name on a list outside the door. Don’t loiter in the restaurant or waltz up to the bar to order a beer. But once you are seated, just go crazy. Everything is delicious. Open Tue–Thu until midnight; Fri–Sat until 2am; Sun until midnight. 

East Little Havana


It’s Miami’s most famous Cuban restaurant and, lucky for us, it's open until 1am on Saturday and Sunday. Versailles made Time Out’s list of the best hangover food in the nation, but why wait until the next morning? Get ahead of the hangover with a midnight Cubano. Your body will thank you when you wake up. Open Mon–Fri until 10pm; Sat–Sun until 1am.

West Little Havana
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