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Mango's Tropical Café
Photograph: Wei Shi Mango's Tropical Café

The best South Beach clubs worth staying out ’til late

If you haven’t put on your heels and danced all night at one of these South Beach clubs, were you even in Miami?

By Ryan Pfeffer and Falyn Freyman

May 2021: As South Beach continues to evolve, so does its club scene. Now, in addition to the decadence and glam South Beach is known for, locals and visitors can experience more laidback, hybrid spots where you’ll find bottle service and chill down-tempo sounds, for instance. Lockdown nearly obliterated nightlife South Beach, but these spots rolled with the tough time and emerged on the other side. You’ll find a shorter list, but watch this space as we update with reopenings and new places to party.

The wonderful South Beach clubs still hold a very special place in Miami’s heart. These babies have given South Beach its world-famous reputation as a tropical party paradise. That reputation still stands today—and for good reason. South Beach is still one of the most fun (and hedonistic) neighborhoods to go out in. Sure, it’s matured. You can find some of the best restaurants in Miami hiding in South Beach as well as a few of the best museums in Miami. Oh, but when the sun sets, South Beach gets up to its old ways again. And if you’re in the mood to dance, here’s where you should go.

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Pregame before your night out

Time Out Market Miami
Photograph: Arevalo Photograhy

Check out Time Out Market Miami

Restaurants South Beach

You know the scenario. It’s a couple of hours before go-time and the crew is hungry, but there’s no way you’re rolling deep at a South Beach restaurant without a reservation. The solution? Grab a bite at Time Out Market Miami. It’s within walking distance to most clubs in the area and there’s parking (just $6 for two hours), which is more than you can say for any place in South Beach. Then there’s the benefit of not having to split the bill with said crew—likely the most fiscally responsible move you’ll make all night. Plus, there’s something for everyone and everything is absolutely delicious, from arepas and pizza to ceviche and burgers. Think of it like an open-format menu coupled with craft cocktails that won’t blow your bottle budget. Pregaming at Time Out Market is a no-brainer.

Best South Beach clubs

Do Not Sit On the Furniture
Photography: Courtesy DNSOTF

1. Do Not Sit On The Furniture

Nightlife Clubs South Beach

This cozy “boutique nightclub” owned by electronic DJ Behrouz hides in plain sight. Because of that, this place tends to put the music first and is a reliable choice for club veterans looking to dance without being shoved by bottle service servers and elbowed by drunk bros. Another big draw? It’s small enough to meet everyone inside on any given night is a breath of fresh air in Miami’s megaclub landscape.

Photography: Courtesy Twist

2. Twist

LGBTQ+ South Beach

The iconic gay club with over a quarter-century of experience that just won’t quit. South Beach nightlife started with the LGBTQ community so it’s fitting this indulgent two-story disco remains one of the most popular clubs in South Beach. It’s hot and sweaty and so fun. And, if nothing else, the shirtless-ness of Twist will motivate you to start that diet.

Photograph: Courtesy LIV

3. LIV

Nightlife Clubs Miami Beach

While technically not within the geographical confines of South Beach, it’s close enough to count. These days, the legendary LIV continues to be packed with as many celebrities as average Joes. You might spend some serious cash but you also might trip and fall onto a Kardashian. No club—anywhere—books bigger names on a weekly basis than LIV. It would not be odd to see Travis Scott, David Guetta and Kanye West all onstage on a Sunday night. A night here is the closest thing you’ll ever find to partying inside an actual music video. 

Nikki Beach Miami
Photograph: Courtesy Nikki Beach Miami

4. Nikki Beach

Nightlife South of Fifth

Step one, take a club. Step two, put it on the beach. And that’s the simple yet efficient recipe for Nikki Beach. This place is the undisputed champ of day parties, with a crowd that prefers dancing in the sun at 2pm over a dark club at 2am. Speaking of day drinking: Ever wondered what would happen if brunch and a nightclub had a baby? Stop by Nikki Beach’s bumpin’ Sunday brunch and brace for costumed models and spraying champagne alongside pancakes and eggs.

Mango's Tropical Café
Photograph: Wei Shi

5. Mango’s Tropical Café

Nightlife Clubs South Beach

Oh, what fun! Mango’s promotes the side of Miami you see in movies—mojitos, salsa and half-naked dancers. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Lean into the kitsch at Ocean Drive’s most famous nightlife spot, keeping the torch of Latin music alive for more than 20 years. Decorated with tropical murals, the bar opens on to the street, making it feel like a party the moment you step in. 

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