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Courtesy: West Mount Florist

The 14 best florists in Montreal for flower delivery and more

Say with a flower delivery from one of our (carefully pruned) florists in Montreal

Written by
Gregory Vodden
Rhys Thomas
Alex Floyd-Douglass

Who doesn’t love a nice bouquet of flowers from the best florists in town – especially when you can get them delivered to your doorstep in Montreal? When you take stock of all the fabulous Montreal attractions, gorgeous terraces, and world-class restaurants – all topped with these superb flower shops – this is without a doubt a city for lovers. Florists here offer all sorts of services, including last-minute bouquet deliveries and extravagant wedding arrangements, but they can also help you find something simple to liven up your apartment too. Flower shopping has never been so easy, or so rewarding. Especially as we've rounded them all up for you – seriously, this is going to be a bloomin' breeze.

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Best Montreal flower deliveries

Pourquoi pas Fleurs
Photograph: Pourquoi Pas Fleurs / @pourquoipasfleurs / Facebook

1. Pourquoi pas Fleurs

Blink as you’re walking by, and you might miss it: This inconspicuous Boulevard Saint Laurent flower shop quietly houses some of the most creative floral designers in the city. Pourquoi pas Fleurs is the city’s specialist in elegant, ultra-modern arrangements, offering everything from modestly priced seasonal bouquets to luxury orchid centrepieces. They also deftly handle arrangements for special events of any size and offer same-day deliveries anywhere in Montreal or Laval, as well as next-day deliveries to most other nearby destinations. As the name implies, they'll offer service in French, too. 

Binette et Filles
Photograph: Binette et Filles / @marchandedefleurs / Facebook

2. Binette et Filles

Montreal’s Jean-Talon market is full of life, and sure, that feeling stems from the bustling patrons, and scores of local merchants hawking fresh produce, but it also comes in large part thanks to the florists at Binette et Filles. This friendly neighbourhood flower shop run by family matriarch Myriam Binette offers a wide range of fresh-cut flowers, houseplants, and decorations. Despite their size, they manage to go toe-to-toe to toe with some of the bigger florists in town, handling arrangements of all sizes, for all manner of important occasions without breaking a sweat. They also have a great plant selection, whether it's for indoors or in the garden. They're happy to help in French or English. 

Oursin Fleurs
Photograph: Oursin Fleurs / @oursinfleurs / Facebook

3. Oursin Fleurs

The fresh-cut flower industry has come under fire in recent years for the heavy toll it takes on the natural environment. The florists at Oursin Fleurs are part of a new breed of florists who want to turn the industry on its head by striving for zero waste, adopting recyclable packaging, and only sourcing their flowers from local farmers that share their passion for reducing their impact on the planet. Oursin fleurs also apply that same care and attention to detail in preparing their arrangements which are respected and admired all over town. They look beautiful too, there's a really nice luxurious, sophisticated aesthetic to their arrangements and photos. They also sell non-floral gifts like vases, furnishings and more. Again, you're good to speak French or English here. 

Prune les Fleurs
Photograph: Cindy Boyce

4. Prune les Fleurs

Owner and artistic director of Prune les Fleurs Nadine Jazouli left her publicity career of 13 years to work with flowers instead – and she’s been creating artful arrangements for weddings, corporate events, and just for the heck of it ever since. The atelier is known to produce abundant, destructured compositions with surprising flourishes, but if you’re the do-it-yourself type, Jazouli herself also offers two-hour foundational workshops out of their Griffintown boutique tailored to show you how to create one of your very own. Buy a workshop for a handy person, or just cut to the chase and get them beautiful flowers to look at – either way, it's going to be high-quality here. They also do other great smelling gifts such as candles and perfumes. 

Photograph: FLORE L'Atelier /


Westmount’s FLORE workshop is one of Westmount’s most prestigious florists, known for their meticulous, stately arrangements that are personalized by their expert designers and are guaranteed to stand out in even the most opulent of events. The main floor of their boutique is not only a showroom but also an open studio where customers can watch FLORE’s team work their magic. FLORE also specializes in a wide variety of unique decorations, making them a frequent one-stop shop for some of Montreal’s top event planners and interior decorators alike. So sure, this is among the more lavish of options. But, that's good, right? You have to go large sometimes. There's not really a better place for it. 

La Blandinerie
Photograph: Sonia Bourdon photographe

6. La Blandinerie

Open seven days a week, all year long – family business La Blandinerie is Hochelaga-Maisoneuve’s go-to neighbourhood florist. Housed in the historic Marché Maisonneuve building, La Blandinerie has long been creating arrangements and bouquets for the neighbourhood’s marriages, funerals, corporate events, and more. Owner Stéphanie Lefebvre has brought a previous 14-year career in professional photography to her new calling, and her floral arrangements are clearly informed by her keen photographer’s eye – boasting a strong sense of colour and balance, unique in the city. Along with the beautiful arrangements, they sell wonderful vases and offer workshops to help you make your own arrangements, wreaths, bouquets of dried flowers and more. good gift options if you want flowers but with a twist. 

Atelier Carmel
Photograph: Atelier Carmel /

7. Atelier Carmel

Atelier Carmel is the city’s premier wedding flower specialist. They live and breathe all the floral touches a wedding could possibly need: boutonnières, table centrepieces, garlands, flower arches, chuppah canopies, floral cake decorations – you name it. So basically, if you're thinking of putting a ring on it, you'll want to pop down here. They also take sustainability very seriously and source as much of their flora from local growers as possible, meaning you can feel good about all purchases. They don’t have a traditional storefront where you can stop in for a quick bouquet, but if you’ve ever considered giving flower arrangements a try, they’ve got one of the city’s best workshops to get you started on making your own. They even have their own book. Fancy. 

Photograph: Florateria /

8. Florateria

With its signature orange roof, butting out from the corner of Saint Urbain and Avenue des Pins, Florateria is a family-run flower shop that's served as a pillar of the community since 1956. They prepare and deliver flowers for the Plateau as well as the greater Montreal area and are practised hands at everything from wedding arrangements to funeral wreaths. Their expert staff are always helpful and ready to work within any budget, while their stalwart outdoor display is always stocked with just the perfect thing to surprise a loved one with at home. They're also open seven days a week, every day of the year – so should you urgently need to pop down to get some flowers, well, you can. 

Dragon Flowers
Photograph: Courtesy Yelp/Jet P.

9. Dragon Flowers

The Mile End is full of iconic institutions and businesses, but perhaps none among them is more iconic than Dragon Flowers, owned by businesswoman and longstanding mile-end resident, Tamuy Leu. For just a small, family-run flower shop, Montrealers (and Mile-Enders specifically) have very fond feelings for it. Evident by the fact that the community banded together to donate over $12,000 in just 24 hours to get the shop back on its feet after a devastating fire in 2013. Happily, Dragon Flower’s classic outdoor display of hanging seasonal flowers, crawling vines, and painted birdcages now lives on and continues to act as a local beacon for anyone in the market to buy a beautiful bouquet. The products look as wonderful in your home as they do around the store, so be reassured that you really can't go wrong with this place. Of course, if you need some help the staff are more than accommodating.

Le Jardin de Mathilde
Photograph: Fleuriste Le Jardin de Mathilde / @FleuristeLeJardindeMathilde / Facebook

10. Le Jardin de Mathilde

The team at Le Jardin de Mathilde creates customized European-style arrangements for events of any size and is particularly adept at setting a personalized ambience for wedding celebrations. In addition to its wide variety of fresh-cut flowers sourced from all over the world, Le Jardin de Mathilde is likely the city’s best authority on dried flowers of all kinds. They also carry a range of hessian cloth handbags, rattan baskets, and perfumed soaps at their De Lorimier Avenue boutique to boot.

Westmount Florist
Photograph: Westmount Florist / @westmountflorist / Facebook

11. Westmount Florist

Since 1962, Westmount Florist has been creating impeccable, upscale arrangements for anniversaries, weddings, corporate events, Passover celebrations, and sometimes just because! Their two locations located in Westmount and Point-Claire, are both open to the public, and while the team at Westmount Florist prefers developing meaningful face-to-face bonds with their customers, they offer their full range of services online. They also deliver their top-quality arrangements across the city, the country, and even internationally. There's a large price range here, with potted flowers ranging from $50 to $400 (CAD, of course), so there's something for most budgets. 

Fauchois Fleurs
Photograph: Fauchois Fleurs / @FauchoisFleurs / Facebook

12. Fauchois Fleurs

For over 25 years, Fauchois fleurs have been creating some of the most refined flower arrangements in the greater Montreal region. The business first began as a collaboration between husband and wife team Jean-Jacques Fauchois and his wife Odette and has now expanded to include their daughters Veronique and Marie-Odile. This dynamic family team brings their collective creativity to bear in making arrangements for all sorts of occasions and their St. Denis Street boutique is full of attractive flower-adjacent decorations as well as flowerpots and vases aplenty. Their services cover weddings, general events, and wonderful bouquets. When buying a bouquet, you'll notice there's a very personalised service in place, as you'll be asked to describe the person the flowers are for. Really nice touches, guaranteed. 

Venus Fleurs
Photograph: Venus Fleurs / @Venusplants / Facebook

13. Venus Fleurs

Whether it’s a last-minute bouquet for a birthday you most certainly did not forget about or a corporate event that’s been in the works for years, Marché des Plantes Venus confidently works to produce high-quality arrangements for events of any size, for a variety of different price ranges, and just for just about any timeframe. Although Marché des Plantes Venus are primarily event florists, they also do custom installations for your home or business. And, if you're looking for a non-traditional rose, these guys are specialists. They have all sorts of wonderful rose varieties available for you to gift that special someone with something just a little more unique. 

Photograph: Vertuose / @vertuosemontreal / Facebook

14. Vertuose

The floral designers at Vertuose are known for having a hand in some of the city’s most striking verdant designs, including the lush back terrace at the Ritz-Carleton and the downtown location of LOV, one of Montreal’s best vegan restaurants. While they’re experts in handling traditional cut flowers, they also incorporate a surprising range of greenery into their work, including exotic ferns, foliage, ornamental grasses, and even the odd cactus thrown into the mix. They offer everything from simple potted terrariums to full-scale, custom plant designs for homes and businesses right from their shop in the Mile End. Plants last longer than flowers, you can just offer to do the watering if you want to be extra kind. They do sell lovely floral arrangements, accessories, and terrariums too though. 

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