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Ah, l'amour: These are the most romantic restaurants in Montreal

The best romantic restaurants in Montreal are perfect date night material, from tasting menus to oysters and bubbly ❤️

Written by
JP Karwacki
Mallory Frayn
Tommy Dion

UPDATE, September 2021: It's been a difficult road these last 19 months for some of the most romantic restaurants in Montreal with places like Les Fillettes closing and the legacy steakhouse Moishes in between locations, but even a pandemic can't stop romance in this city. We've decided to dive back into our selection and bring you even more places to pick from—all guaranteed to serve you and your date a night you won't forget.

Dating in Montreal is a breeze—that is, if you're making reservations at the most romantic restaurants in Montreal. Some do brunch, some do dinner, and some doubly feature as some of the city’s best cocktail bars to enjoy before or after an unforgettable meal. From spots with romantic histories that take you and your date back to another place and time to those that offer modern spaces and menus to inspire romance, your choice ultimately depends who you’re sharing the meal with, the occasion and—if it matters—who’s paying the bill. 

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Best romantic restaurants in Montreal

An enchanting location, an absolutely charming and peaceful terrasse, attentive service, honest and thoughtful cuisine: Chef John Winter Russell's restaurant Candide has everything to charm you and your significant other. If you're the type of person who has a hard time making a choice, this choice is going to make life incalcuably easy for you with its tasting menu and the selection of their pairings. Here's the place to be at peace for the rest of the evening, knowing you can simply focus on who's across the table from you.

This brightly-lit, high-ceilinged Old Montreal address brings with it attentive service and inventive menus that act as—at minimum—as conversation pieces worth a Michelin star that will make any couple feel pampered and well tended to. Both the tasting menus and à la carte options are worthwhile options, and after the last dregs of a glass are knocked back and the last drop of sauce is lifted from your plate by a finger, commemorate the night by signing the chalk wall on your way out.


For a dinner that delivers a taste of Quebec to keep you both entertained through sheer flavour—an overview of the extent and diversity of the province's terroir—head to Manitoba. The chef and his team will make you travel to the four corners of La Belle Province without having to book hours of road trips (as romantic as that can be) for food. Don't skip on their selections when it comes to local beers, ciders, wines and spirits either.

What could be more romantic than an Italian dinner where Vitello Tonnato, homemade Pappardelle and fresh fish simply grilled follow each other like a perfect waltz to the ternary rhythm? Maybe accompanying it all with a dry white wine from Piedmont, followed by a red wine bursting with sunshine from Tuscany, all before arriving at the sweetness of a homemade Gelati, just to leave with fresh taste buds, just in time for a little walk in Old Montreal? Here's a bona fide spot to enjoy reenacting the Lady and the Tramp's spaghetti scene.


Any evening at the Renoir should begin with a cocktail—or a glass of champagne—whether you're comfortably installed on the terrasse during the summer season or at the lounge bar in the winter. Once your appetite is whetted, the dining room is where the charm continues, with dishes prepared by chef Olivier Perret. An evening is not complete without a sweet treat from pastry chef Clément Tilly, either (just make sure to order one by accident to share with two spoons).

If you're trying to decide between a bring-your-own-wine restaurant or a place offering a 7 or 9 course tasting menu, Le Millen is the answer. The chef and brigade here offer a fine menu in a relaxed and festive atmosphere. Not sure what to opt for? You really can't go wrong with the 9-course menu that doesn't skip a beat: Foie gras, consommé, trou normand, cheeses, desserts... Plenty to merit bringing a second (or third) bottle with. Make that trip to the SAQ part of the night!


Romantic restaurants are all about the food and the ambiance, but an oft-neglected aspect is the ability to communicate. After all, what’s the point of a dinner date if you can’t hear the person across the table from you? The owners of Perles et Paddock designed their space with that in mind, and it checks all the requisite boxes of stellar food and beverages. Beautiful by day or by night, and the booze options are unparalleled.

Sometimes you want to splurge and treat the one you love to the best of the best, and when that moment strikes, there’s no better option than this Old Montreal institution and testament to the city’s fine dining capabilities. One of the most reliable high-end experiences available, you can leave the wining and dining to the expert service’s guidance while you focus your attention on the one you’re sharing the evening with.


This opulent spot on Van Horne serves Syrian food with a modern flare, introducing Montrealers to the region’s cuisine in an oh-so-approachable way. From hot and cold mezzes, to charcoal grilled kabob and more, there’s no leaving hungry and a bit of everything to keep both partners happy. With a cuisine that’s meant to be shared, it’s perfectly fit for date night. Enjoy luxuriating in the deep reds and candlelight of this one.

Pasta is an inherently romantic meal, but expect more than basic spaghetti and meatballs at Nora Gray. Think dishes like braised whelk fusilli or nettle gnudi with a comprehensive wine list to boot. What might feel cramped for groups is perfect for pairs who can grab a small table for two and sip cocktails as they choose which plates to share.


Short of traveling to Italy, Chef Michele Forgione’s pasta is some of the best you can find and is always made fresh each and every day. At Impasto, look for dishes like squid ink linguini with confit salmon, or opt for their 4-course tasting for $65. Tables are in high demand, so reservations are recommended to help your romantic evening go as smoothly as possible. Trust servers to take you and your date for a trip with their wine pairings as well.

Saddle up at Un Po’ Di Piu’s gorgeous bar with your love and plan to stay awhile. Their menu of antipasti is eminently snackable, and with an array of Negronis to choose from, it’s hard to say no to another bite. Nothing makes a date go more smoothly than when the food is consistently on point. They also do brunch if weekend morning dates are more your thing.


When you’re looking to impress and money is no object, Le Mousso’s multi-course tasting menu isn’t a meal as much as it is an experience. With multiple tasting menus to choose from that can go as long as 13 courses, prepare to be wooed by plates just big enough to be satisfying, but still small enough to have you wanting more. Don’t want to go all out? Le Petit Mousso next door offers an à la carte menu that features the same dishes without the commitment (or price tag) of a 3-hour meal.

Oysters might be the ultimate aphrodisiac, and Majestique offers them in spades. In addition to romance on the half-shell, check out the other options for fresh seafood and shellfish, as well as their critically acclaimed footlong hot dog made with local Gaspor pork. How one opts to share that meaty masterpiece is up for debate; maybe start at opposite ends and meet in the middle. Puns here are totally intended.


For a fun date spot that’s less of a commitment than a multi-course dinner, there’s Buvette Chez Simone. This bustling wine bar on Parc is usually packed for their 5 à 7, but battling the crowds is worth it to enjoy their thorough selection of wines by the glass at very reasonable prices. You can stay late if the date’s going well, and if it isn’t? At least you don’t need to awkwardly wait to polish off the rest of a bottle and bail early.

Ever think there's a bunch of unnecessary pomp and pretensions with poured wine by candlelight and wonder why booze and burgers can't be good enough? No problem, this upscaled diner will meet you halfway and then some: Knock back a couple cocktails either here or in the speakeasy Atwater Cocktail Club next door before ordering up and splitting dishes from across the menu, from luxuriant burgers to milkshakes and slices of pie.


Paris might be known as the city of love, but you can thankfully bypass the plane tickets while still experiencing the romance at a classic French bistro like L’Express. Steak tartare, escargot, and their infamous mushroom ravioli are all top choices here, and perfect for sharing too. This place stays open late too, so wine and dine until it’s time to hit the sheets.

This Laurier institution might get forgotten about in favour of newer and hipper offerings, but bistro staples like moules-frites and foie gras torchon never go out of style. While their regular menu prices itself in special occasion territory, their after-10 p.m. menu gets you an appetizer and main for only $28, making it easy to feel the love. The menu and ambiance of this address is perfect for solidifying the French connection for a sultry date night.


Aside from the endearing fact that Patrice Pâtissier is run by adorable husband and wife team, Patrice Demers and Marie-Josée Beaudoin, this Little Burgundy pastry shop is where love blooms over shared bites of finessed canelé and lemon tarts. They also offer pastry and wine classes for couples looking to share in gastronomic ventures together, and their brunch services are good way to follow up a night out for drinks.

Located in a cavernous space on Duluth, this BYOB restaurants serves up hearty Afghani fare, including some of the best braised lamb shank you can find in the city. Perfect for a casual date night or special occasion, dishes are best enjoyed together and washed down with a generous glass of wine. There are dépanneurs and SAQ outlets located within walking distance, so enjoy picking out your bottle for the evening together.


Cheese and romance go hand in hand, right? Right. That makes La Raclette the ideal spot to share in their namesake dish, or a bubbling pot of cheese fondue with the person sitting across the table from you. It’s BYOB as well, so you can optimize the wine and cheese pairings of your choosing. Make the most of your evening and enjoy picking out a couple bottles of sauvignon blanc or pinot gris beforehand.

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