The best breakfast ideas for kids

These delicious breakfast ideas for kids will have even your pickiest eaters wanting more. Who can say no to French toast?


Whip up some of these easy-to-make breakfast ideas for kids to kick off your day in style! Foodie bloggers come up with some pretty cool stuff, including breakfast "sushi," breakfast "sundaes" and more to make a healthy breakfast for kids (or healthy-ish, at least) more appealing. 

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Best breakfast ideas for kids

Photograph: Courtesy Dinner at the Zoo

Breakfast Sundaes

Who doesn’t love a delicious sundae? Dinner at the Zoo makes sundaes healthy for breakfast, and your kids will love assembling their own. (See full recipe on Dinner at the Zoo here)

Photograph: Courtesy The Organic Kitchen

French Toast with Berries

Make your family some delicious French toast with berries. (See full recipe on The Organic Kitchen here)

Photograph: Courtesy Raising Whasians

Breakfast Sushi

What?! Breakfast sushi you say? Yep, it’s real—and it’s delicious. Make your own in a few quick steps! (See full recipe on Raising Whasians here)


Strawberry and Banana Muffins

Can’t go wrong with traditional muffins. These pack delicious fruits like strawberries and bananas inside, and they’re also gluten free! (See full recipe on She Likes Food here)

Photograph: Courtesy Art From My Table

Breakfast Banana Split 

Take your kid’s ice cream craving and switch things up with this healthy (and ice-cream–free...promise!) breakfast. (See full recipe on Art From My Table here)

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