The ultimate summer camp packing list for kids

Missing something? Our summer camp packing list is essential for kiddos who are about to embark on adventure.

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By Jessica Lundgren and Danielle Valente |

Whoever coined the phrase, "Summertime and the living's easy" probably didn't have kids who were on their way to camp. But don't sweat it. Thanks to our ultimate summer camp packing list, you can take comfort knowing the prep process won't be painful. Your children are going to have everything they need—and then some—before they venture on their getaway. 

Towel? Check. Goggles? Check. Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark for spooky nights in the cabin? Check. This summer camp packing list doesn't miss a trick! 

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Summer camp packing list

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Stock up

These sturdy—and festive—kids' duffel bags ensure that nothing will be left behind! Pass the extra t-shirts, please. $24.99; 

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Toss a frisbee

What's better than a game of frisbee in between swimming lessons and dinner? This particular glow-in-the-dark model allows for late-night play, so your kids can toss it around with friends whenever their hearts desire (though you'll keep your fingers crossed that they won't be up too late). $19.99;


Get some shade

It's going to be hot at summer camp, so polarized sunglasses are a must if you're going to stay cool. $14.98; 

Slip on something comfy

Flip-flops are a summer camp essential. Have fun picking different prints, colors and styles with your little ones. Various prices from $5.95;


Make a splash

Kids need cute bathing suits for their time at camp, and there are plenty of styles to choose from before you start packing. Various prices; girls' bathing suit,, boy's bathing suit, 

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Find underwater adventures

These goggles make it easy for kids to jump, float and deep-sea dive (well, in the lake) and see whatever comes their way while underwater. $4.19;


Float on

Thanks to this pool toy, kiddos can hang out on the lake while paying homage to summer's favorite treat: the popsicle. $19.99;

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Dry off

When afternoons include swimming lessons, boating and running through the sprinkler, your kiddos are going to need to be prepared with a towel. $39.99 for four;

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Stop for a sip

Your kids are going to get wiped out from all of the activities, so they'll need to refuel. These stainless steel insulated bottles are perfect for youngsters in search of a thirst-quencher. $7.49;

Swat flies

No one likes buzzing in their ears when they're outside on a summer day. Protect your kiddos from the creepy crawlers flying around with a bottle of bug spray. $9.14;

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