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The best gifts for babies ages 0–2

Your little ones will love what we have in store for them with our favorite toy picks this season

 (Photograph: Laura Gallant)
Photograph: Laura Gallant

Kids can stack, jingle, squeak and crinkle these muslin blocks. $46, at rouxroo.com

 (Photograph: Laura Gallant)
Photograph: Laura Gallant

Kids can watch the wings whirr on this too cute toy as they toddle along. $25, at schylling.com

 (Photograph: Laura Gallant)
Photograph: Laura Gallant

For hipster babes who wouldn't dare sip juice from anything but an iconic diner-style cup. $8, at givesimple.com

 (Photograph: Courtesy MoMAstore.org)
Photograph: Courtesy MoMAstore.org

Breed a modern-art lover with this eye-popping puzzle book. $11, at momastore.org


This plush critter is seriously snuggly—and machine washable! $9.95, at landofnod.com

 (Photograph: Lauren Spinelli)
Photograph: Lauren Spinelli

Kids can draw, color and fold their way to the funniest faces in town. $19, at thamesandhudsonusa.com

 (Photograph: Laura Gallant)
Photograph: Laura Gallant

Little ones learn shape recognition with this toy made from recycled milk jugs. $20, at minijake.com

Your little ones are as excited for the holidays as you are! For the seriously little munchkins, however, it's most important to pick toys that are both safe and beautifully made. If you haven't found what you need in New York's amazing toy stores, get inspired by the best gifts for babies in our guide below.

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