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16 kids that are crying for no reason at all

Sometimes your kids are crying for a really good reason, but often, they're really just crying for no reason at all...because they can

Photograph: Instagram via @harrokitty

You may think surprising the little ones with their favorite snacks, going to get a scoop at NYC's top ice cream shops, taking them to the best NYC beaches or helping them put on a Frozen costume will be appreciated and even earn you a gold star as the best parent ever. You were wrong. Thanks to@assholeparents on Instagram, we’ve seen some of the funniest meltdowns out there, caused by the silliest things. Or, well, pretty much nothing at all. See below for 16 kids who have totally just had it with you and everything else!

1. I removed the paper that was on the base of the cone so I’m an asshole. Via @harrokitty 


A photo posted by #assholeparent (@assholeparents) on May 24, 2015 at 12:02am PDT 


2. I opened her crackers that she asked me to open. Via @andipants81


3. She’s not allowed to play in big brother’s soccer game so I’m an asshole. #parentingunfiltered @plumorganics #AD


4. The ultimate #asshole parent moment: When your parents take you to meet the president #thanksobama via @lifeofdad 


5. I brought her scooter from the car to school pickup so she wouldn’t have to walk one block, but the helmet is “too boring” and “just green” so I’m an asshole. #assholeparent via @lifewithroozle 


6. I told her no. #assholeparent (repost @akneisler)


7. I helped her put on the Olaf costume like she asked me to. #assholeparents @bewitched_girl


8. I wouldn’t let her play with the steak knives, therefore I’m an asshole. #assholeparent (repost @m0dallman)


9. Thought it might be fun to eat outdoors for Mother’s Day! #assholeparent via @sherryreeves


10. I also burned the carrot cake. #assholeparent via @thewildeheart


11. I am #assholeparent because I brought her to the beach and she got sand on her hands and feet. #worstmomever (repost @jadasm0mma)


12. Realization sinks in. No candy for breakfast because mommy is an asshole. #asshole parent via @californiacarvey


13. The towel didn’t make a good Elsa cloak so I’m an asshole. #assholeparents via @rich_addis


The towel didn't make a good Elsa cloak so I'm an asshole. #assholeparents via @rich_addis

A photo posted by #assholeparent (@assholeparents) on Apr 24, 2015 at 12:41pm PDT


14. This #assholeparent won’t let her play with her brother’s tablet that is identical to hers except with a blue case. Via @laughlinan


15. She wanted to go inside the bubble but it was loud so I’m an asshole. #assholeparent (via @kristenhowerton)


16. I won’t buy all the toys so I’m an asshole. #assholeparent (repost #puzzledmummy)