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 (Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Anorak's Appendix)1/18
Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Anorak's AppendixThe Santa that just ate all your cookies…AND IS STILL HUNGRY FOR YOUR SOUL.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Bettyx1138)2/18
Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Bettyx1138The Santa that just accidentally backed his sleigh over five reindeer and an elf.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Amy Buthod)3/18
Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Amy ButhodThe Santa that definitely knows when you are sleeping.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Mrtgt)4/18
Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/MrtgtThe Santa that picked up the spiked eggnog and is FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW, MAN.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Feil)5/18
Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/FeilThe Santa that looks like he's keeping a big secret.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Dean Ayres)6/18
Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Dean AyresThe Santa that moonlights as an exotic dancer in a strip mall gentleman’s club.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Simpleinsomnia)7/18
Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/SimpleinsomniaThe Santa that wants to share with you the Christmas gift of endless suffering.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Julia La Guardia)8/18
Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Julia La GuardiaThe Santa that doesn’t need eyes to see whether you’re naughty or nice.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Ancientartpodcast)9/18
Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/AncientartpodcastThe Santa that will clean your chimney for free...just leave your door unlocked.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Lisa Bunchofpants)10/18
Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Lisa BunchofpantsThe Santa that's 100% edible…and just might eat you.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Sis)11/18
Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/SisThe Santa that lives in a storm drain and goes by “Pennywise.”
 (Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Janet Lackey)12/18
Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Janet LackeyThe Santa that definitely does not look like a cherub. He dares you to say that one more time.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Rachel Gardner)13/18
Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Rachel GardnerThe Santa that checked your list twice and had a horrible time doing it.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Ronnie Gavelin)14/18
Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Ronnie GavelinThe Santa that just wants to give you a ride home, promise.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Sarah-Rose)15/18
Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Sarah-RoseThe Santa that wants to sit on YOUR knee.
 (Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Sascha Pohflepp)16/18
Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Sascha PohfleppThe Santa that knows if you’ve been good or bad AND DOESN’T CARE.
The Santa that pooped in your chimney. 
 (Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Aislinn Ritchie)18/18
Photograph: Courtesy Creative Commons/Flickr/Aislinn RitchieThe Santa that wants you to come and play with him. Forever. And ever. AND EVER.

18 creepy Santas that will give your kids nightmares

These scary pictures of St. Nick will have you and the family hightailing it all the way ho, ho home

By Nick Leftley and Allie Early

Christmas for kids in New York might just be the most magical thing ever, complete with breathtakingholiday trees and tree lighting celebrations, the best hot chocolate you've ever tasted and jolly Santas galore. Sometimes, though, St. Nick isn't exactly the cuddly North Pole native you know and love...in fact, he can be downright terrifying. See our roundup of creepy Santas below, and let's hope you and the kids never cross paths with any quite like these.

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