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Adorable DIY printable valentines for kids

These DIY printable valentines for kids are beyond cute. They're easy to print at home, too—just help your kids to add their own flair!

Photograph: Courtesy KudzuMonster

Grab one of these super cute printable valentines to make this Valentine's Day for kids super special! There are both candy and non-candy DIY printable treats on our list, making it easy for your kids to pesonalize, pop 'em in their backpack and deliver them to friends and classmates at school.

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*Be aware that plastic bags and toy/candy content are not included in these listings, but this means you and your kids get to pick exactly what they'd like to hand out on the big day!

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Best printable valentines for kids

Gumball Machine by KudzuMonster

KudzuMonster's digital download of a gumball machine easy to fill with delicious treats for the kiddos at school. Once you have purchased (and have printed) the file, wrap plastic wrap around the top of the machine, fill with gumballs, and staple the perimeter of the bag around the base of the "glass" gumball globe. Staples can easily be covered with a bow or ribbon! $6, etsy.com

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S'mores Valentine Treat Bag by LemonadeDesignStudio

Please sir, I want s'more! Instantly download these printable valentines via LemonadeDesignStudio's website for pink and blue bag treat toppers. Simply buy your own clear plastic treat bags, fill with graham crackers, chocolate and marshmallows, seal that bag and fold one of the bag toppers over the zipped top (and staple in place). $5, etsy.com

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Bugs and Kisses by KudzuMonster

This squeal-worthy bag o'bugs can be printed at home, then encircled with plastic wrap and tied at the top to hold in those (delicious) creepy, crawly critters of your choice. Kids will love signing a message and having it appear within the jar! $7, etsy.com

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I Wheelie Like You by MoPhotography

What a coincidence. We "wheelie" like you, too! MoPhotography's car-themed bag-topper valentine is easily attached to the top of your average sandwich baggie. All you need to do is head to the dollar store, fill it with the cars and treats of your choice, and seal for your kiddos to hand to their friend (or crush)! $6.50, etsy.com

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Main Squeeze by Sunshine Ink Studio

Your children may not be old enough to have a "main squeeze" just this second (phew!) but it doesn't mean they can't treat everyone with kindness. This cute Valentine's Day card is easily adhered to a squeeze applesauce, which is perfect for parents who want to give the kids a break from all that sugar. $5–$11, etsy.com

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Stay Cool by MoPhotography

When your kid's future's so bright they've gotta wear shades, be sure to share the love with this cute Stay Cool printable valentine. Who doesn't love a good pair of sunglasses, right? If you're looking to replicate this exact gift bag, visit Party City—they sell star glitter glasses! $6.50, etsy.com

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Weenie Dog by KudzuMonster

Pick up some colorful pencils and put them in these printable valentine puppies with cute sayings on their bellies! Another great non-candy valentine option, these Kudzu cuties will bring a smile to everyone's faces. $5.75, etsy.com

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