Best fall activities for preschoolers

With these wonderful fall activities for preschoolers, families will be sure to squeeze every fun drop out of autumn

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These fall activities for preschoolers offer families playful adventures no matter the weather, cool holiday events and fun ways to explore Mother Nature. On this list, you’ll find indoor playgrounds, the best Thanksgiving books and movies, family campgrounds and more.

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The winter is slowly moving its way into town, but with these wonderful fall activities for preschoolers, little ones will be sure to squeeze the most out of the season before it’s time to bundle up and play in the snow.

Best fall activities for preschoolers

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Sports and fitness, Gyms and fitness centers

Romp around at an indoor play park

When the weather is too chilly to play outdoors, take the fun inside. These indoor play spaces feature all the fun features of a typical playground: slides, swings, crawl spaces, rope courses and other fun structures. Kiddos can run around in a safe environment, play with new toys, make friends with local families and let their imagination run wild.

Things to do, Festivals

Find your way through a corn maze

Try to find your way through these amazing corn mazes. You’ll find a variety of difficulty levels on the list, but all promise a fun afternoon for the family. Rambunctious tots can trek through the fields and figure out where the family should turn next. Just be ready to cave in to those popcorn cravings once you’ve made your way out.

Things to do, Literary events

Discover new literary characters at story time events

Parents who are growing weary of tucking their child into bed with the exact same book every night should check out sweet story time events around the city. Children’s book authors and illustrators often pop into bookstores and libraries to read aloud to kids. Your tot might just find the next book he’ll want read on loop come bedtime.


Get up close and personal with the butterflies

Spring won’t be arriving for several more months, but this annual exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History will make it easier to pretend that winter is also worlds away. The 1,200-square-foot vivarium is heated to 80 degrees and houses up to 500 butterflies. Little ones will marvel as the butterflies burst out of their cocoons and flutter around the exhibit with their colorful wings. A few might even land right on their shoulder. 

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Things to do, Film events

Watch kid-friendly movies on Netflix

Cozy up with your little munchkins and start up any of these great kid-friendly movies on Netflix. Find a brand new title the family has never seen before or introduce your kids to one of your childhood favorites. Add in a cup of warm chocolate milk with extra big marshmallows and you’ll have yourselves a toasty night in.

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Movies, Family and kids

Celebrate Thanksgiving with these sweet family flicks

Whether you’re waiting around for the turkey to be done or lounging around with bellies full post-feast, these Thanksgiving movies for kids will be the perfect addition to the turkey day festivities. Tried and true classics like A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving and newer flicks like Free Birds will get all ages prepped and ready to officially usher in the holiday season.

Things to do

Go camping with the family

When the family is itching to get away for a night or two and get a good dose of nature, pack up the brood and hightail it one of these amazing campsites for families. Kids can run and yell without disturbing the neighbors, explore their surroundings, get their hands dirty and learn basic survival skills like making the perfect s’more.

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Things to do

Add Thanksgiving books to your home library

Have you added any of these delicious books to your kids’ bookshelf? Little ones can go to bed dreaming of silly turkeys, family dinners and giant balloons. These titles also teach kids about the history of the holiday and why it’s important to cultivate a spirit of giving and gratitude.

Things to do, Play spaces

Shake the sillies at a trampoline park

Little tykes with energy to burn can jump to their hearts’ content at trampoline parks around NYC. While some play areas and activities might be too much for young kids, many of these spots host events and special hours where they can bounce with their parents in safer conditions. They’ll enjoy seeing how high up they can fly, jumping into foam pits and tumbling onto the cushioned floor mats.

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