The best kids' Halloween costumes in stores

These storebought kids' Halloween costumes will get families in the mood for haunted events and more spirited fun in NYC

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Photograph: Courtesy partycity.comGirls American Dream Costume Who says superhero costumes are just for the boys? Let your little chick transform into American Dream and join forces with the rest of the Marvel team on your trick-or-treating route. Dress, mask, cape and gloves, $29.99, at
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Photograph: Courtesy costumeexpress.comGreen Bush Child Costume For devious little kids who can't wait to give everyone a scare, this sneaky camoflauge is a good bet. Use facepaint to mask any exposed skin, and they'll be ready to pop out of the shrubs to startle innocent passerby this Halloween.  Robe and overlay, $28.99, at
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Photograph: Courtesy partycity.comFrilly Cookie Monster Costume This adorable, girly take on Cookie Monster lets little Sesame Street–fanatics dress up as the show's hungriest character without marching around in a furry, full-body costume. Dress and headband, $19.99, at
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Photograph: Courtesy partycity.comDuck Hunter Costume Aspiring duck hunters—or, more likely, fans of Duck Dynasty—can gear up in a one-piece, camo ensemble and channel their favorite redneck. Add some dark sunglasses and some work boots for the complete backwoods look. Coverall, baseball hat and beard, $39.99, at
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Photograph: Courtesy toysrus.comLittle Candy Corn Witch Witches don't have to be creepy! If your little girl is going for cute instead of wicked, try this cheerful getup, decked out in bright, candy-corn colors. Dress, tights and hat, $19.99, at
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Photograph: Courtesy costumeexpress.comGandalf Kids' Costume With the third installment of The Hobbit hitting theaters this December, wizard wannabe's will be ready to dress up as Gandalf the Grey on All Hallows' Eve. Don't forget to add a long gray wig and beard and wield a staff or sword to ward off dark forces. Robe, hat and belt, $32.99, at
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Photograph: Courtesy toysrus.comMarvin the Martian Costume Go for a different kind of villian this year and dress up as the clever Looney Tunes alien. Little girls will look sweet in this playful outfit, but, like Marvin, they may outsmart you—by snagging extra candy. Dress, headpiece and fingerless gloves, $44.99, at
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Photograph: Courtesy partycity.comMax Costume There will be plenty of beasts roaring and gnashing their terrible teeth on Halloween, but youngsters dressed as Max, the mischevious kid from Where the Wild Things Are, will tame them all in this irresistible jumpsuit. Hooded jumpsuit, $55.99, at
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Photograph: Courtesy costumeexpress.comFunky Punk Skeleton This neon-bright skeleton outfit lets your chick rock her Halloween spirit—and a very colorful tutu—minus the freaky factor. Dress, sleevelets and footless tights, $38.99, at
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Photograph: Courtesy toysrus.comPizza Slice Costume This simply delicious ensemble will draw the eyes of other trick-or-treaters on the block—especially the hungry ones. On top of being everyone's favorite food, what says "New York" better than a slice of pepperoni pie? Pizza tunic, $29.99, at
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Photograph: Courtesy costumeexpress.comGirls Tin Man Costume Your youngster can evoke the Wizard of Oz spirit without falling back on a typical Dorothy costume. A delightful dress, complete with the heart-shaped pocket watch, gives a stylish twist to the Tin Man's squeaky outerwear. Tutu dress and hat headband, $34.99, at
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Photograph: Courtesy partycity.comJack Skellington Costume There's no slicker skeleton around than the Pumpkin King himself. Boys will love suiting up in The Nightmare Before Christmas star's classy pinstripe suit, and topping it off with a spooky skull mask. Mask, jumpsuit and bowtie, $29.99, at
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Photograph: Courtesy costumeexpress.comTwister Costume Girls can get playful with their holiday attire thanks to this wearable gameboard dress with polka-dot pops of color and and a functioning spinner headband. All they'll need is their game face! Dress and spinner headband, $32.99, at
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Photograph: Courtesy halloweencostumes.comFierce Werewolf Costume Little boys will want to practice their growls and howls. With this cool costume, ordinary kids can transform into frightening, furry werewolves, even without a full moon. Headpiece, shirt and foot covers, $34.99, at
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Photograph: Courtesy costumeexpress.comPrincess Anna Coronation Costume You knew this day would come: Your little princess is begging for a Frozen costume, and it's got to look like the real deal. Luckily this frock is embellished with tons of sparkly detailing—all you'll need to do is braid her hair to finish it off. Dress, $39.99, at
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Photograph: Courtesy halloweencostumes.comHeadless Horseman Costume This chilling getup will get plenty of doubletakes with a clever design that keeps your kid's noggin completely hidden. With a headless ghost wandering around, the legend of Sleepy Hollow will seem alive and well this Halloween. Shirt with attached cape, headpiece and inflatable shoulder component, $28.99, at

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