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The 25 funniest parenting fails of 2015

Sometimes, we're bad moms and dads, okay? Laugh now and (definitely) deny it later. Seriously, nobody's perfect.

Between idyllic trips to NYC's 25 best playgrounds in New York City, exploring amazing museum exhibits for kids and enjoying family lunches at your favorite family restaurants, life can be less than picture-perfect. This past year was full of hilarious mishaps and "oops" moments, so we rounded up our 25 favorites from 2015—enjoy, and find comfort in the fact that you are not alone!


"Forgot to tell my family that my kids were sick. Every got the flu...everyone." —Tim, Manhattan


"I tossed a frisbee at my daughter to get her to stop texting and accidentally nailed her in the face." —Ras, Manhattan


"My kids were naughty, so their Elf on the Shelf "ate" some of their gingerbread house." —Dani, Queens


"I'm not ready to explain death to a toddler, so mine's secretly on his third identical Beta fish." —Jared, Bronx


"I told my six-year-old to duck under the subway turnstile, and his backpack got stuck on one of the poles. He screamed in horror. Everyone looked." —Smith, Manhattan


"Forgot to pay our babysitter three times in a row. She was too polite to ask and her mother had to remind me." —Suzie, Staten Island


"The kids won't let me read them bedtime stories because I 'don't do the voices as good as daddy.'" —Maven, Brooklyn


"I had just enough cash to get dollar slices for me and the kids. I made them share because I wanted a fancy slice." —Miranda, Brooklyn


"My four-year-old daughter yelled "sh*t!" when she dropped her cereal bowl." —Agatha, Manhattan


"Gave the kids chocolate-covered raisins as a treat and later found the raisins (with no chocolate) between the couch cushions." —Jane, Manhattan


"My husband brought cups that said 'More BOOs please!' to our daughter's Halloween party at school." —Nina, Bronx


"I sometimes play hide-and-seek just to get five minutes of quiet time." —Pat, Queens


"That moment when you realize you didn't remind your kid to clean up his toys and you step on a LEGO." —Rebecca, Brooklyn


"Our son drew a picture of us with our "interests" for class. Daddy had all kind of things, but I got the wine glass and ice cream." —Jan, Manhattan


"I tried to catch a foul ball at a Yankees game and spilled a whole beer on my five-year-old's head!" —Craig, Manhattan


"I asked my son what he wants to be for Halloween and he said, 'Donald Trump.'" —Carly, Manhattan


"Didn't realize the cake I bought for my son's birthday was an ice cream cake. It melted all over the fridge." —Shelly, Bronx


"We were making s'mores on vacation and I dropped a hot marshmallow on my son's foot." —Ricardo, Queens


"I didn't know my daughter had a collection of beer bottle caps. Her teacher wasn't thrilled when she brought them to show-and-tell." —Elena, Staten Island


"My son wanted me to take a turn on the swing set, but when I sat down, one of the chains broke." —Ellen, Brooklyn


"I keep forgetting to buy more hair detangler, so the kids haven't had a bath for days..." —Lisa, Manhattan


"My daughter figured out how to use the shredder in our home office. She learned using my tax returns..." —Kimberly, Bronx


"I told my kids to stop whining when they complained I'd used a different sauce in the lasagna. They were right." —Ash Lynn, Brooklyn


"After setting up our new Roomba I left it running for the night. I woke up to my son screaming about the robot monster under his bed." —Megan, Queens


"I bought the Frozen soundtrack." —John, Brooklyn