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The best gift ideas for Dad under $30

Families love making Father's Day special. Here are a few fun gift ideas from you and the kids to make it ultra awesome for Dad

A Vinyl Collection Puzzle If Dad can’t help but tackle the hardest games known to man, this brain-teasing jigsaw puzzle is undoubtedly your perfect gift. With 550 pieces, it includes albums from The Beatles, Prince and Bob Marley…even Bing Crosby! The best part? It's a perfect thing to tackle with the whole family on a rainy day. ($24, uncommongoods.com)
MuseMini Bluetooth Speakers This small speaker packs a lot of power, and Dad will love cranking tunes wirelessly from his iPhone. The package also includes a USB charger and audio cord for when he prefers to be wired in, and he’ll get six hours of listening from a single USB charge. ($30, thegrommet.com)
World's Best Dad Mug  Maybe a cup of joe isn't quite enough to put Dad in a good mood each morning, but this adorable mug should do the trick! Made from sturdy ceramic, this handmade momento is dishwasher and microwave safe, ensuring that the cute inscription won't wear off. ($18, etsy.com)
Dad Stuff Shaving Bag  If the man of the house is often on the move, he'll love stashing his shave kit and other toiletries in this convenient travel pouch. Pick his favorite color from a variety of bright options and choose between cotton twill or waterproof canvas material. ($15, at etsy.com)
Train Play Mat T-Shirt  The kids already use him as a jungle gym, so why not become a human train track as well? This awesome tee comes in black and gray and includes printed graphics of a boat, mountains and several buildings. ($22, etsy.com)
Dad T-Shirt First-time fathers can proudly show off their new status with this subtle and comfy cotton tee. Beneath the athletic script, add the year or date that their bundle of joy came into the world for a personalized touch. ($13.95, etsy.com)
Spice Rub Kit If Dad loves some good BBQ, this six-pack of delicious spices might be your perfect pick. Enjoy handmade rubs like Kansas City Rub (sweet with a little heat) and Memphis rub (sweet with floral notes), plus four other delicious choices, all wrapped up in tiny tin containers. ($20, at etsy.com)
Headgehog Multi-Tool Comb This tiny multi-tool is also shaped like a Hedgehog…who can resist? It’s great for tinkerers and minimalists, and it can do things like open bottles, tighten screws and open boxes, plus it can be used as a money clip, comb, phone stand and wrench. Awesome, yes? ($12, at thegrommet.com)
Brunton Pulse Battery Charger  Tech-savvy dads won't leave the house without this awesome, portable battery charger. With the quick-charging lithium polymer cells on-hand, smart phones and USB devices can be juiced up on-the-go. ($30, urban outfitters.com)
The gift of crafts and/or free labor  Your kids are eager to give a specal gift on Father's Day...here are a few things you can help them do for Dad that never go out of style! - Draw and cut out chore tickets to be redeemed by Dad whenever he likes. If you have little ones, they might offer to help Daddy do the dishes or sweep. If they’re older, maybe they can vacuum or (supervised) do a load of laundry.    - Get a photo album, have your kiddos fill it with pictures of them with Dad and write a heartfelt note on the inside cover. What’s better than the gift of “AWWWWW!”  - Make a Father’s Day crown with cutouts of his favorite things hat he can wear all afternoon! If he wants. - Help your kids build a small terrarium with succulents, potting soil and little plastic dinosaurs in a clear glass bowl. Everyone needs a dinosaur terrarium. - Decorate a special bookmark with 10 reasons why Dad is the best.

Father's Day is coming up, and dads can be difficult to buy for—that's why we've rounded up this sweet list of gift ideas for Dad! We kept things straightforward and picked items $30 and under that can come from you and the kids, plus a few ideas for things the kids can make (or do) with a little help. Since Father's Day is on a Sunday, you may also want to take a family adventure to one of these super coolwater parks or amusement parks, or even try some new outdoor activities