The Playdate Project: Elasia and Beatrice

We sent these mini New Yorkers on a blind (play)date in the city...let's find out if they became new BFFs

The Playdate: Passport to Eataly food tour
Eataly, 200 Fifth Ave (212-229-2560,

Elasia, 9 (Left)
Neighborhood: Harlem
Ideal playdate: Riding the Ferris wheel at Toys "R" Us

Beatrice, 9 (Right)
Neighborhood: Lower East Side
Ideal playdate: Going to the LEGO Store

Favorite thing about NYC:
Elasia: "You see things that people travel from all over the world to see. If I come downtown, the Empire State Building is right in front of me!"
Beatrice: "The parks. I like to go to the secret entrance to the playground in Central Park. You get in from on top of a rock."

First impression:
Elasia: "I thought she was actually gonna be shorter. I also thought she'd be very quiet, but I can see now that she's the exact opposite!"
Beatrice: "She looked fun, but she didn't look like what I expected—I thought she'd have black curly hair. I'm pretty sure we're the same age."

Best Part:
Elasia: "It's between the gelato and pizza stations. Their Margherita pizza is too good to be eaten with a knife and fork."
Beatrice: "Tasting the gelato. No, no—the mozzarella! It was very chewy and yummy, and I liked seeing how it's made."

Friend Potential:
Elasia: "We have a lot in common because we're older sisters. I wish I'd brought my wallet to give her one of my mom's cards."
Beatrice: "I think we'd get along if we hung out more. We'd probably go here again! We're both obsessed with lasagna."

Want to get set up? Email us at with "PLAYDATE" in the subject line.