This Twitter account documents the most hilarious kids' tantrums

Need a laugh? Check out Twitter account @WhyMyKidCried for hilarious parent-submitted photos of epic temper tantrums

There are plenty of things kids get away with that grown-ups can't, and when things don't go their way, tears usually follow. In the middle of an irrational tantrum, sometimes the only thing moms and dads can do is laugh—a virtue that one opportunistic Twitter user has really taken to heart.

The parody account @WhyMyKidCried, created earlier this year, has documented many an irrational meltdown, always to hilarious effect. The feed invites parents everywhere to snap a photo during their little one's hysterics and submit them via email, turning frustrating situations into laughable ones. Below, we bring you the best of the worst tantrums from the account. For more playful parenting advice, check out these awesome mommy and daddy bloggers.

What's the silliest thing your kid has cried about?