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Things to do in Glasgow
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Glasgow has been named the world’s friendliest city

We surveyed more than 20,000 city-dwellers, and the Scottish city came top for friendliness

Sophie Dickinson
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Sophie Dickinson

There’s nothing better than arriving in a city and finding that everyone is friendly. Properly friendly, too, not just polite. And it turns out that Glasgow is the friendliest city in the entire world, according to the results of this year’s Time Out Index. 

We surveyed more than 20,000 city-dwellers across the globe about food, drink, culture, social life and sustainability. Then we combined that with insight from Time Out staff and experts, creating our definitive annual ranking of cities around the world. And a whopping 78 percent of Glaswegians reckon their home town is friendly – more than anywhere else. 

The Scottish city’s affability beat second-placed Manchester, and Dublin, which came in at number three. There wasn’t much in it though, so those are still definitely extremely cheerful places to hang out or live in.

However, we wouldn’t recommend moving to Paris if you’re looking for a neighbourly vibe, as only eight percent of its residents reckon they’re a friendly lot. Oh, and only 20 percent of respondents in Tokyo and Mexico City said their fellow citizens were friendly. Ouch.

Scotland has done extremely well in the Index overall this year, with Edinburgh coming in first place and Glasgow in fourth. Seems like it’s the place to be right now – so if you live there currently, congratulations! And if you don’t, it may well be time to plan a visit.

Here are the friendliest cities in the world, according to the Time Out Index 2022:

  1. Glasgow
  2. Manchester
  3. Dublin
  4. Porto
  5. Chicago
  6. Mumbai
  7. Montreal
  8. Marrakech
  9. Taipei
  10. Accra

Now read the full ranking of the world’s best cities right now.

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