São Paulo is the best city in the world for hookups, according to locals

Love (or at least lust) is in the air in the Brazilian city

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Sophie Dickinson
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São Paulo
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After 18 months spent largely indoors, a lot of us are looking to find a significant other (or just someone to have some fun with). But no longer does the drought need continue, as our research has found that there’s one place you should definitely be heading to.

São Paulo has been voted the top city in the world for hookups – meaning the Brazilian city is the best place for that Tinder match to go really, really right.

As part of the Time Out Index, we asked 27,000 city-dwellers from across the globe to choose their city’s best qualities. And if you’re looking for some action, 55 percent of locals said São Paulo was ‘good for hooking up with people’. It beat Shanghai (49 percent) and Istanbul (46 percent) to the top spot.

So, what should you do to improve your chances? Ignore the financial side of the city and focus on the fun: eat at one of the city’s hundreds of pizza restaurants, or take your date down to the Praça Roosevelt for a smooth cocktail. Guaranteed to impress.

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