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The 20 best things to do in São Paulo

Though the city is known as Brazil’s financial hub and a serious "concrete jungle," these labels don’t capture just how cosmopolitan and fascinating São Paulo can be. Its enormous size means that this isn't a city where you can show up and hope for the best: to make the most of it, you need to arrive with a plan. Start with booking a stay at one of the best hotels or top Airbnbs in town and then start browsing our list of best things to do in São Paulo. Sure, the city's glamorous restaurats and bars are renowned but dig deeper to find underground parties in abandoned factories, alleyways inked with Brazil's best street art and lofty views over Ibirapuera park. 

The 12 best hotels in São Paulo

São Paulo, the commercial center and nightlife capital of Brazil that's home to plenty of fun things to do, attracts a wide range of visitors all looking for something different, from sophisticated business accommodation to budget-friendly mixed dorms. The city doesn’t disappoint: there is a hotel out there that fits every need and every budget (unless you're more of an Airbnb traveler).  As usual, competition breeds excellence and the best hotels in São Paulo are proof of that. Expect creative accommodation options ranging from luxurious hotels with helipads and in-room swimming pools to artistic guesthouses set in colonial mansions. Rooftop camping options abound as well. Which one to choose?

13 Best Airbnb Venues in São Paulo

As the famed financial centre of Brazil, São Paulo is lively, vibrant and more than a little intimidating. With a rich cultural history, masses of forests and streets saturated with mixed-century architecture, it’s a development like no other, with plenty of world-class things to do. When you’ve booked your plane tickets and perused some possible excursions, it’s time to find somewhere to stay. We’re going to make it a little easier for you, because whether you’re after a bed near the beach, in the centre of nightlife or by prime attractions, Airbnbs offer a bona fide feel of city life that even some of the best São Paulo hotels can’t compete with. So with that said, grab your passports and get scrolling through our pick of the best Airbnb venues in São Paulo.

72 hours in São Paulo

Clique aqui para ler este artigo em português At once the biggest city in Brazil and the biggest city in South America, São Paulo is all about superlatives. The city’s delicious abundance of restaurants, the cultural diversity of the population and the magical intensity of its nightlife remain unsurpassed on the continent. And that’s before we even get to the jaw-dropping sight of a setting sun glowing over the skyline, best viewed from a rooftop patio with a Martini & Tonic in hand. São Paulo is Brazil’s booming engine, and the evidence is everywhere—from the stylish penthouses to brand-new art galleries and plush play spaces. All of those energies of the place can be summed up in one word: exhilarating.