Should I cancel my holiday to Switzerland? What the storms in Europe mean for your trip

Switzerland, Italy and France have been battered by deadly landslides and flooding – here’s what to do if you have a trip booked

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A view of the Rhone river, at right, and the Navizence river, following the storms that caused major flooding, in Chippis, Switzerland, Sunday, June 30, 2024. l
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Areas of northeast France, northern Italy and southern Switzerland were battered by storms and torrential rain over the weekend, causing landslides and flooding that have reportedly left seven people dead. The storm is the latest in a series of extreme weather events across Europe, with destinations like Greece and Türkiye seeing searing temperatures and wildfires.

Understandably, those with a trip booked to Switzerland and the other affected areas might wonder whether it’s safe to travel. Here’s what we know so far about travelling to the region.

Where are the storms in Europe?

The south of Switzerland has been severely impacted by the storm, with torrential rain triggering a landslide in the southeastern canton of Ticino and the river Rhone overflowing in several areas in Valais in the southwest. Several hundred people have reportedly been evacuated from Valais.

In France, storms have killed three people in the northeastern Aube region. Multiple destinations in northern Italy have been impacted by the extreme weather, including the northern town of Noasca, which faced severe floods as the nearby Noaschetta river burst its banks. Torrential rain has pummelled Lake Garda, Emilia-Romagna and Parma, sweeping cars away and leaving streets underwater. 

Are airlines still flying to Switzerland and the affected regions?

There haven’t been any reports of flight cancellations and airlines are still flying to Switzerland and the affected regions.

What is the UK Foreign Office saying?

The Foreign Office hasn’t advised against travelling to Switzerland or any of the regions affected by the storms. The safety and security page for Switzerland has a section on extreme weather that advises travellers to ‘check weather forecasts and conditions and make sure you’re properly equipped for the worst-case scenario’.

Can I cancel my trip and get a refund?

You won’t be entitled to a refund on your trip, as the Foreign Office hasn’t advised against travel. However, if you are concerned, it’s worth contacting your travel provider to see what can be done – you may be able to move the dates you travel. 

Where else in Europe has been affected by extreme weather?

While one region of Europe faces flooding, many others are battling wildfires and hot weather. Searing temperatures and strong winds have caused wildfires to blaze in Greece and Türkiye in recent weeks. Over the weekend, firefighters tackled two wildfires near Athens as the Greek capital continues to be scorched by a record-breaking heatwave.
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