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A world cruise ship
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Would you survive the world’s longest-ever cruise?

You’d visit cities including Barcelona, Reykjavik and New York... but you’re also on a boat for a very long time

Sophie Dickinson
Written by
Sophie Dickinson

We’ve all fantasised about packing it all in and heading on a really, really long holiday. Imagine spending your days trying every type of pasta in Italy, lounging on long Spanish beaches, wandering through autumnal New England forests, exploring Australia’s abundant coral reefs. Sounds incredible.

Well, that is, technically, possible – though there’s a slight catch. You’ll have also to spend 110 days on board a cruise. That means passive aggressive towel-on-deckchair politics by the pool, pants cabaret entertainment and the dreaded captain’s dinner. For a third of the year.

It sounds like a test of endurance to us, but you do get to visit 32 countries. The trip starts in Sydney, stops off in Brisbane, and then you’re off around the globe. There are overnight stays in St Petersburg, Lima and New York included, and you’ll also pull into ports in Barcelona, Boston, Corsica, Crete, Edinburgh, Reykjavik, Stockholm and Tahiti.

Organisers Princess Cruises – who you may remember from that mass watery Covid outbreak in March 2020 – say the 2023 world cruise has already sold out, so you’d have to wait until the year after to head on this voyage of a lifetime.

Unsurprisingly, the trip is extremely expensive. But if you don’t mind taking out a mortgage for four months on a boat, prices start at $23,285 (£17,459, A$32,359) per person. We’re definitely not jealous. Definitely.

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