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The 9 best food tours in Paris

Feeling a little peckish? Here’s our pick of the tastiest ways to travel around Paris

Alex Floyd-Douglass
Contributor: Alex Floyd-Douglass

With glistening fruit tarts down one cobbled street and artisanal cheeses down another, Paris presents a particularly toothsome panorama. And to help you discover some neat eats, we’ve gathered some particularly tasty routes to try out below. Yep, we’re talking about some great guided tours with resident food experts that’ll add sugar, spice and all things nice to a trip around the city. And if you feel like putting your own culinary skills to the test, sign up for one of the finest cooking classes Paris has to offer. Bon appetit!

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How do we determine the cream of the crop? Our staff picks combine the top, most recent reviews with some of our personal favorites to make sure you get the best deal on the web. Throughout this article, you may notice some affiliate links – these have no influence on our editorial content – we pinky swear. For more information, see our affiliate guidelines.

Best Paris food tours

1. Ultimate Paris food tour

Experience Paris like a local, with a knowledgeable guide showing you all the best spots. The tour kicks off in the fashionable district that houses the lovely Louvre, where you can gaze through its enormous windows to get a glimpse of the art. Then head to a market for a taste of authentic French dishes and innovative pastries before passing the Centre Pompidou and wandering through the medieval Marais neighbourhood.

Don't Miss: The wine tasting portion of the tour. 

2. Wine museum guided tour

Take a trip to Les Caves du Louvre, a set of eighteenth-century wine cellars (once used by the King of France no less). Here you'll be led by a top sommelier through each step of the wine-making process, with lots of interactive sessions and the all-important tastings.

Don't miss: Planning a visit to the Louvre after the tour won't be a bad idea – it's right next door. 


3. Gourmet French food walking tour

Sure, Paris is full of calorific cheese, pastries and wine, but who’s counting when you’ve got to walk to get to them? This three-hour guided tour will have you wandering all over the capital for tasters of delicious French fancies (and we’re not talking about Mr Kipling). Visit a bakery, a caterers, a patisserie, cheese and wine bar, and a fresh produce market.

Don't miss: Spot the medieval parts of the Latin Quarter on your way through one of the world's most famous neighbourhoods. 

4. Sweet tastings in Saint Germain des Prés

Take a stroll around the lively Parisian neighbourhood of Saint Germain des Prés and satisfy your sweet tooth. A foodie guide will take you to all the best chocolate makers and local artisans in the area to hear their stories, with tastings of pastries, macarons and chocolates included – as well as wine to wash it down with. 

Don't miss: Discover lesser-known gems including a hidden courtyard, and iconic landmarks like Café Les Deux Magots and the Jardin du Luxembourg.  


5. Behind the scenes of a Boulangerie

Revel in the secrets of French baking at this behind-the-scenes tour of an independent Parisian patisserie. Tour the kitchens and witness first-hand exactly how classic and unique French breads and pastries are mixed, shaped and baked. A pro chef will reveal all and afterwards you’ll be allowed to take home some complimentary baguette and croissant.

Don't miss: Make sure you're in line to try the freshly made baguette straight out of the oven. 

6. Local food market tour of Bastille

Put aside three hours of your day to explore Paris’ food scene. An expert guide will take you through the Bastille district, sharing stories and secrets from history and about the area’s current contribution to cuisine in the city. Visit the bustling Marché d’Aligre, where your guide will point out the best stalls, and drop in on patisseries, wine bars, delicatessens and more. There will be food and wine tastings from shops and the market.

Don't miss: You'll be treated to a traditional Parisian breakfast at the Place de la Bastille before making your way to Aligre Market. 


7. Chocolate tour of the Right Bank

Spend two hours strolling along the Right Bank and visiting five master chocolatiers. These artisans will share everything they know about the history of the cocoa bean and combining flavours, as well as a few irresistible samples or old-fashioned and designer chocolates. 

Don't miss: Keep an eye on your foodie guide – they'll be taking you down cobbled streets to avoid the crowds. 

8. The Marais and its gourmet highlights

Discover the most medieval area of Paris, as well as the heart of the Jewish community, on this gastronomic tour of the Marais. In three hours you'll wander through hidden squares and alleyways to visit independent bakeries and bars and try everything from pastries and macarons to wine and cheese. 

Don't miss: Sights such as Saint-Paul’s church and former home of the French writer Victor Hugo. 

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