Paris 2024 Olympics: Olympic rings in front of the Eiffel Tower
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Paris 2024 Olympics timetable: here’s the full schedule and timings for the Summer Games

From archery to water polo, via skateboarding, surfing and a whole lot more, here’s your ultimate Olympic timetable


If you’re planning on watching even a little of the summer Olympics taking place in France’s capital, you’ll need a plan. At the very least, you’ll need a failsafe guide to make sure you don’t miss your favourite events.

That’s where our comprehensive schedule comes in, allowing you to map-out your very own Paris 2024 timetable. So, whether you’re all about the athletics, waiting patiently for the weightlifting or just keen to see some gravity-defying tricks in the skateboarding, our list below has got you covered, featuring the full Olympic timetable for all Paris 2024 events.

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What’s the day-by-day timetable for the Paris 2024 Olympics?

Here’s the Paris 2024 schedule. It’s always subject to change, so make sure to double check dates and timings if you’re planning on attending or watching a specific event.

July 24
Football: July 24-August 10
Rugby sevens: July 24-30 

July 25
Archery: July 25-August 4
Handball: July 25-August 11 

July 26
Opening Ceremony: July 26 (starts at 20:24) 

July 27
Artistic gymnastics: July 27-August 5
Badminton: July 27-August 5
Basketball: July 27-August 11
Beach volleyball: July 27-August 10
Boxing: July 27-August 10
Canoe slalom: July 27-August 5
Diving: July 27-August 10
Equestrian: July 27-August 6
Fencing: July 27-August 10
Hockey: July 27-August 9
Judo: July 27-August 3
Road cycling: July 27-August 4
Rowing: July 27-August 3 (reserve day: August 4)
Shooting: July 27-August 5
Skateboard: July 27-August 7
Surfing: July 27-July (reserve days: July 31-August 4)
Swimming: July 27-August 9
Table tennis: July 27-August 10
Taekwondo: July 27-August 10
Tennis: July 27-August 4
Volleyball: July 27-August 11
Water polo: July 27-August 11 

July 28
Mountain bike: July 28-29
Sailing: July 28-August 8 

July 30
BMX freestyle: July 30-31
Triathlon: July 30-August 5 

August 1
Golf: August 1-10
Athletics (track and field): August 1-11

August 2
Trampoline gymnastics: August 2 

August 5
Artistic swimming: August 5-10
Sport climbing: August 5-10
Track cycling: August 5-11
Wrestling: August 5-11 

August 6
Canoe sprint: August 6-10 

August 7
Weightlifting: August 7-11 

August 8
Modern pentathlon: August 8-11
Rhythmic gymnastics: August 8-10 

August 9
Breaking: August 9-10 

August 11
Closing ceremony: August 11 (starts at 20:00)

For full timings and details, visit the official Olympic Games website.

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