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Paris 2024 Olympics closing ceremony: everything you need to know

The finale of the Summer Olympic Games will bid goodbye to more than two weeks of sporting feats. Here’s everything you need to know about it

Alix Leridon
Written by
Alix Leridon
Tristan Parker

All good things must come to an end, including the 2024 Summer Olympics. And sad as it will be to bid farewell to that daily dose of excitement, triumph and more than a few new sporting heroes, the good news is that Paris is saying its goodbyes in style.

After what should be a spectacular opening ceremony on July 26, the official closing ceremony will wrap things up 16 days later, on August 11, and it promises to be just as impressive as the kick-off.

Thomas Jolly is weaving his magic again for the closing event, meaning that we’re pretty much guaranteed to witness various incredible artistic performances, providing a suitably epic au revoir to the Paris Summer Olympics. Here’s all the information you’ll need to get involved, including details on dates, times and tickets.

When is the closing ceremony?

The Paris 2024 closing ceremony takes place on August 11, 2024.

What time will the ceremony start?

Just a few hours after the last event of the Olympics – the women’s marathon – the ceremony begins, starting at 8pm.

Where is the Paris 2024 Olympics closing ceremony?

While the opening ceremony is set to happen outdoors and not in a stadium (for the first time in the history of the Summer Games), the grand finale opts for a more traditional approach, taking place at the Stade de France. The stadium is also where the athletics, para-athletics, and rugby will be held during the Games.

What will happen at the closing ceremony?

As with the other ceremonies, the artistic direction of the event has been entrusted to stage director Thomas Jolly. So far, nothing has been revealed about the specifics of the line-up, but we do know the key elements that are present in every closing ceremony: the closing parade (where athletes will carry their nation’s flag), the medal ceremony (medals for the recently finished womens marathon will probably be awarded here), speeches and the extinguishing of the Olympic flame.

Is the closing ceremony free?

It’s not free, but it is (slightly) cheaper than the opening ceremony. Tickets for the closing ceremony are priced between €45 and €1,600, but since this is one of the most popular events for spectators, attending it will be an Olympic-sized challenge.

How to get tickets to the Paris 2024 Olympics closing ceremony

If you registered before April 20, 2023 on the official ticketing platform and are lucky enough to be selected in the draw, you’ll have received an email with your designated time slot for purchasing individual tickets. Tickets went back on sale in late 2023 and there are still tickets remaining – but be warned, only the more expensive ones are left. 

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