Opera Puteri Saadong

Opera Puteri Saadong

The World’s First Malay Contemporary Opera, based on the Malaysian legendary princess Puteri Saadong, who was remembered for many things, amongst them for killing her true love with a hairpin. Experience her journey unfold between the thump of her heartbeat, the boisterous sound of Gamelan percussions with reflections portrayed through visual projection.

The opera features a series of revolutionary firsts for the performing arts industry of Malaysia. This inventive multimedia theatrical experience combines traditional Malay cultural elements with contemporary operatic composition and computerized visuals and sound to give you an unique audio and video musical experience.

Puteri Saadong is the First Malay Opera to mediate and combine the Malaysian Makyong, which is a traditional form of instrumental music with dance-drama from Kelantan and Gamelan, also a traditional ensemble of music made up predominantly of percussive instruments; innovatively tied with western choir and orchestra using contemporary compositional methods while complemented with computer generated sounds.

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