Urban Xchange: Crossing Over

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Don John street artist
'Deer Hunter' Stencil graffiti on tainted plywood by Don John

Exhibitions and workshops by international street artists such as Don John (Denmark), Vexta (Australia) and Idrawalot (Germany).

Penang street art is about to go international. Hin Bus Depot Art Centre is bringing in some international street artists such as Don John (Denmark), Idrawalot (Germany), TankPetrol (UK) and Vexta (Australia) for an exhibition and series of workshops. Not to run too far from the main subject of Penang, local artists such as Kenji Chai and Bibichun will be participating as well. Other than that, there will also be a sharing session, forum and some film screenings about street art by The Screening Yak. Bring the little ones too as some of the workshops are for children aged eight and above.

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