Autobots At Gurney Paragon Mall

Autobots At Gurney Paragon Mall

Transformers fans in Penang will be happy to know that in celebration of its 30th anniversary, the Autobots have rolled out to Gurney Paragon Mall this week. Even Megatron has set aside his mission to destroy the Autobots to be there.

Highlighting the showcase are the 23ft Optimus Prime and 17ft Bumble Bee displays. Take all the selfies you want with them or, for a modest fee, a professional photographer on the scene will happily take photos of you with the giant robots.

In line with the celebration, there will be a showcase of Transformers collectibles and toy fair. Fans and shoppers can view the Transformers action figurines or, shop and bring home their favourite character from the series.

Event phone: 016-4826889
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