Cheesecakes at Rasa Deli

Cheesecakes at Rasa Deli

The good people of Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa would like you to indulge your sweet tooth this July with their cheesecake promotion as a way to introduce their new pastry chef, Dino Wan. Not a new face in the culinary industry, award-winning Chef Dino’s considered the best here in Penang having graced many prestigious events with his pastry and cakes. However, we suggest you not take only their word for it and test-drive Chef Dino’s stellar reputation by tasting one, if not all, of his six cheesecakes.

Now, where to start with the six? Well, how about his comforting yet elegant Signature Cheese Cake that seems to counter his more tangy Red Velvet Cheese Cake before sinking your teeth into his Marble Cheese Cake that’s blessed with textures from crushed chocolate pieces and just before you put your fork down, savour the resilient milky flavour of his Green Tea Cheese Cake. Finally, end your feasting with the shy and subtle flavours of his Butterscotch Mascarpone Cheese Cake along with the high note of the vivid local flavours of his Coconut Pandan Cheese Cake.

After all that you’ll discern differences between the six but also the common thread among them is lightness of texture and flavour as if they might fly off your plate at any moment. So, pin them down and don’t let any of them get away! Well if they do, take comfort in knowing that this is an on-going promotion at their Rasa Deli.

The hotel’s Rasa Deli is open daily and these cakes are at RM80+ for a 1kg cake that you can order but requires a 48-hour notice. Su Aziz

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