Lotus root and fresh fruits creations at SESAME+SOY

Lotus root and fresh fruits creations at SESAME+SOY

Chef Chin of Sesame + Soy tempts your taste buds  with his unique way of melding Asian and western ingredients. This time, he immerses lotus root and fresh fruits into eight dishes of duck, shellfish and bean curd. You can expect a charming symphony of sweet and savoury flavours from crunchy-textured lotus root stuffed with glutinous rice, fried minced lotus root and prawn in batter and sesame seed, fruit filled crab claw tempura and baked salmon with fresh fruit rolled into paper-thin pastry. To complete the list, there are fried cheesy bean curd that’s vegetarian, pan seared scallops with plummy apple sauce and braised duck drumstick with lotus root which is the most traditional in flavour of the lot. A fun one to kick start your meal is the deep fried slices of lotus root (pictured) sprinkled with garlic and spicy Japanese dressing, togarashi shichimi. Our favourite from the line-up is baked salmon and fresh fruit roll. Simply drizzle some lemon juice and it comes with a terrific, creamy dipping sauce made out of leek and carrots, and there’s an explosion of zest, sweet, creamy and unmistakably seafood-y. These eight promotional dishes are from RM20++ and only served during dinner at Sesame. Best part is, they can be appetisers or, for a few, as main dishes accompanied by rice.



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