New eats at Hard Rock Cafe

New eats at Hard Rock Cafe

In a place that’s synonymous with hamburgers, it’s no surprise that their new additions include four new burgers to their already extensive burger menu. This time, percik sauce, thinly sliced cripy onion rings, chipotle and hickory barbecue sauces are thrown in to make it all an unforgettable experience.

While the new burger additions are thick fillets of chicken, the percik one gives you a choice of beef too. The latter is almost a monster of a burger in terms of size and we’d suggest you order it when utterly hungry. The percik sauce itself is a mild concoction of spices that sets off the meaty beef patty left predominantly to its own juicy flavours with virtually no influence from salt. Our tip is, to order the beef patty well done because it gives better texture to every bite.

Meanwhile, the Texan and South Carolina burgers are made fat with their fillings of crispy jalapenos and crispy onions atop chicken fillets, respectively. Both drip generously (and sinfully) with flavoured barbecue sauces and melted cheese. These two are from RM30++ while the percik stands out at RM48++.

A dollop of local flavour is injected into their new addition such as the Ferringhi ikan bakar served with rice and for those wanting a dash of an exotic touch, try the tom yam seafood linguini or the pulled chicken sandwich topped with barbecue sauce. Another rice dish served with seasonal vegetables cooked in vegetarian oyster sauce will appeal to those with less carnivorous tendencies.

The smokehouse chopped salad is a huge portion fitting as a meal on its own or to be shared as an appetiser by two. Dressed in tangy vinaigrette, the mound of chopped greens at RM35++ consists of salad leaves, spiced pecans, smoked chicken, turkey bacon and slices of avocado that gives it a creamy punch.

To wash these down, there’s either the refreshing non-alcoholic strawberry basil lemonade at RM26++. This one’s full of texture due to the muddled fresh strawberries and basil leaves. For a little more punch, the blue riff lemonade at RM45++ offers a dash of vodka, ginger liquer and blue curacao. Both are topped with lemonade made from scratch and club soda.

Finally, to rival their already popular brownie is the new comer of mud pie topped with large scoops of coffee and chocolate ice cream. As if the chewy, dense pie is not waistline extending enough, this dessert is drizzled generously with hot fudge and punctuated by sprinkles of sliced almonds.

All we can say about these new additions to the Hard Rock Café menu is, they certainly cement this eatery as rockin’! No one will ever leave it without an appetite fulfilled nor a craving un-satiated. Su Aziz

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