Sunset BBQ Promo at Rasa Sayang

Sunset BBQ Promo at Rasa Sayang

A good sign of a scorching afternoon is, it promises a beautiful sunset that paints the dusk sky fuchsia and magenta. To witness this while savouring a scrumptious barbecue meal is at Pinang Restaurant and Bar in Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang. Located after the hotel's pools, it is right beside the beach and they start preparing the barbecue by around 6pm to kick off the sunset barbecue at 6:30pm.

While you watch the sunset paint the sky darker shades of blue, the appetising smell of charred meat such as steaks, chicken, lamb cutlets and an array of seafood will permeate the salty sea air. You can request for your steak or lamb to be cooked the way you like it. Otherwise, they are served medium to well done. Cooked thoughtfully on moderate heat, the meats are not heavily charred. There are also a variety of sauces and dips to match the meats such as mint sauce and mustard.

The barbecue comes with a buffet spread of blanched vegetables, corn, potatoes, baskets of bread, delectable desserts, among other dinner staples. It's a straightforward barbecue meal and the lack of complicated flavours leaves you free to keep enjoying the disappearing sun until a star studded sky takes over. As if a good meal isn't enough, there is happy hour prices for tiger draft and house wine (Wolfblass Chardonnay and Wolfblass Shiraz) until 10pm too. This really good value for money sunset barbecue promotion only happens on Thursday evenings. Su Aziz

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