The Way Back Home

Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers Produced by Big Wooden Horse, Adapted by Adam Bampton-Smith.  Photos by Stuart Slavicky
Photo: Stuart Slavicky

Based on the children’s book by Oliver Jeffers, ‘The Way Back Home’ chronicles a little boy’s space adventure which goes horribly wrong when his aircraft runs out of fuel. He meets a Martian stuck in the same sticky situation, and together they plot the way back home. ‘The Way Back Home’ is presented by the respected Gardner & Wife company and performed by Big Wooden Horse, the same UK-based company whose wildly successful run of ‘Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus!’ toured the US from 2006-2009. ‘People trying to do children’s theatre think it’s like adult’s theatre, but dumber or censored,’ said Richard Gardner, Artistic Director of Gardner & Wife. ‘Whereas Adam, the guy behind Big Wooden Horse, understands the appeal of simplicity and repetition to children.’

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