Restaurants, Taiwanese, Halal Butterworth
3 out of 5 stars

August 2013

From the road of Jalan Kampung Gajah in Butterworth, you'd notice its name and wonder just what it's about. Basically, it's a Taiwanese franchise of lovely pearl tea. Here's where a sip of cold milky tea is accompanied by the playful and stubborn chewy texture of pearl jellies at either RM5.90 or RM6.90 for a large, can be found in Butterworth.

A popular one from the pearl tea selection is their milk tea with black and white pearl which is a substantial, chewy drink! If this is not your cup of tea, so to speak, they also have iced coffee, ice blended drinks such as strawberry ice with milk and chocolate ice with Oreo and their more refreshing offering of nice tea with fresh fruit from RM4.90.

There's also a small food menu of sandwiches, salads and snacks such as fried honey prawns. Surprisingly, their egg sandwich at RM3.90 for half a dozen is not only inexpensive but is also tasty, toasted and fresh. The colourful interior of the place suggests a fun, relaxed ambience and it definitely is. And with a helpful, efficient, friendly staff at that! Su Aziz


Venue name: Kalakap
Address: 15-G, Jalan Kampung Gajah, Taman Bagan Jermal
Opening hours: Daily, 11.30am-12midnight
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