Kannichikan Yakiniku Restaurant Desa Tanjung

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Kannichikan Yakiniku Restaurant Desa Tanjung

Kannichikan may not be donned in the most tasteful of decors- the garish, bright green fume extractors blend into the pale, mint green walls, and the floor is decked in rough tiles. If you have not been turned off by these more superficial judgments and moved on to classier Japanese restaurants, the food at Kannichikan is actually quite a sumptuous array of Japanese and Korean fare, with selections of meat to barbeque on the grill integrated into each table. This is not the place for the squeamish, those with an aversion to raw food, because amongst their most popular dishes is their beef sashimi, which is simply raw beef with lemon and egg yolk.


Venue name: Kannichikan Yakiniku Restaurant Desa Tanjung
Address: 125-N&O, First floor, Desa Tanjung
Opening hours: Wed-Mon, 12noon-2.30pm, 6pm-10.30pm; closed on Tue
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