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Restoran Nasi Padang Minang

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Restoran Nasi Padang Minang

Time Out says

4 out of 5 stars

May 2013

Within Kedai Kopi International Hotel, at the corner of Jalan A.S. Mansoor and Transfer Road, is where this nasi padang stall stands. There are at least 50 different dishes to choose from and each seemingly tastier than the next. What they’re popular for is the ikan bakar that’s served on a bed of deep-fried sliced shallots then dipped in air assam with chopped chillies and shallots.

However, we’d recommend their gado-gado of blanched pucuk ubi (young tapioca leaves), taugeh (bean sprouts), kacang panjang (long beans), fried tempe (fermented soya beans) and sliced fried taufu drenched in lightly spicy, chunky peanut sauce. The sauce balances sweet and savoury beautifully. Then there’s their deep fried chicken stir-fried in onion and red chilli slices is a must, too. Oh, and their pucuk ubi cooked in thick, spicy and creamy masak lemak cili api. Finally, not forgetting their wet and tender beef rendang that’s rather addictive. All of which are terrific with the warm plate of white rice that they serve.

Now, their deep-fried fare is heaven – from chicken and paru (cow’s lungs) to three types of ikan masin (salted fish). The one to zoom in on is the paper-thin, crispy large anchovies that are delicately salty and wonderful with a spoonful of curried rice plus the chilli-fried aubergine.

This place has quite a few dishes using fried tempe. Either stir-fried with long beans or cooked in masak lemak (coconut-based gravy), they lend a slight crunch and chew to each bite. Also, there’s a myriad ulam (fresh herbs) that’s terrific when dipped in their sambal hijau that is pounded green chillies stir-fried with pounded onions.

Undoubtedly, this smorgasbord of exotic spices, curries and textures straddles Indonesian and Malay flavours, and they will jolt your palate awake. Generally, their dishes aren’t that spicy despite their vivid colours and kids seem to enjoy the comforting flavours of their deep fried fare. Basically, there’s something here for everyone, including vegetarians. Su Aziz


International Hotel, No 92, Jalan Transfer
0 4 262 9161
Opening hours:
Daily, 11am-8pm
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