Sri Batik Nyonya Café

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Sri Batik Nyonya Café

Sri Batik Nyonya Cafe has ceased operations until further notice.

Sri Batik’s Nyonya cuisine is not just a fusion of Chinese and Malay cooking, as Nyonya food should be, but, in part, due to the proximity of Penang to the lower regions of Thailand, Sri Batik’s unique offering is marked by a tinge of Thai influence. This is exemplified by its penchant for the use of more herbs and a leaning towards a more sour and spicy taste. Sri Batik recommends that one starts their meal with a home-brewed nutmeg juice, followed by the Curry Kapitan (chicken curry in coconut milk), Perut Ikan (mixed vegetable curry with fish stomach cooked with coconut and tamarind) and the Nasi Ulam (rice mixed with freshly-cut herbs and spices).


Venue name: Sri Batik Nyonya Café
Address: 102-A-6, New World Park, Jalan Burma
Opening hours: Daily, 11am-11pm.
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