Ho Ping Coffee Shop

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Ho Ping

You only need one reason to check out Ho Ping Coffee Shop – to taste the bak moi (pork rice porridge). Operating on a side street, Ho Ping offers up steaming bowls of MSG-free porridge that is simple and comforting. You can get various toppings such as pork intestines, liver, brain and other ‘spare parts’. Placing an order can be an ordeal, so we recommend getting a bowl with everything to speed service up. For the less adventurous, ask for a bowl without innards. If you find yourself caught in a queue and condemned to a long wait, fret not; the lor bak (fried minced pork roll) and heh ji (prawn fritters) from the adjacent stall are fun to munch on.


Venue name: Ho Ping Coffee Shop
Address: Junction of Lorong Kampung Malabar and Penang Road
Opening hours: Closed on Thursdays
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