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Galen Sauna

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Galen Sauna

Time Out says

Despite our tropical weather that promotes perspiring naturally, saunas are popular. This system of an enclosed, heated room, forces sweat glands to work harder to rid bodies of toxins via perspiration.

Today, the evolution of the simple sauna has resulted in incorporating various technologies that benefit your well-being and one such technology is the infrared. Known for its deep heating ability, infrared, according to studies, helps with blood circulation and burn calories via heat or electromagnetic radiation.

Now, with that in mind, step into the Sonne QueFIR sauna unit at Galen in Prima Tanjung on Penang’s Jalan Fettes. Galen’s simple setup of a reception area and two partitioned rooms houses two units of the infrared sauna units made out of Canadian cedar wood and using German technology of dual action from quantum energizer and radiant heat.

Before you can bask in the beneficial heat of the sauna unit, be ready to divulge some very personal measurements such as age, weight and height. What’s even more disconcerting is listening to the therapist tell you of your body’s metabolic age, measure your body water, muscle mass and fat content after a short consultation – shelf these facts away in the recesses of your mind as a barometer to measure the benefits of the sauna sessions.

During the first session, keeping the sauna heat at 40 degrees Celsius for 30 minutes is advisable. Since it’s a dry environment due to electricity-run technology, being in the sauna with a book, mobile phone or an iPad is possible and will make the time whizz by unnoticed.

It’s best to have a warm shower before attending a sauna session to help open up your pores. Also, drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration. However, a large glass of water is provided during each sauna session.

As with most things, consistency is crucial to achieve results. Three times a week for 30 minutes at 50 degrees Celsius each time certainly added colour to my cheeks and a lighter feel to my steps. The consultation held after the three sessions showed a slight improvement to my body’s metabolic age and a reduction of a couple hundred grams of body weight. Baby steps, most say and as you know, every little bit helps!

Galen’s promotional packages consist of RM150 for four sessions include a free trial session is and their Burnergizer Package that helps lose body fat at RM688 of 20 sessions over a two-month period. These promotions are valid until January 2013. Alternatively, it’s RM50 for a one to attend a 30-minute session and RM80 for two people to attend one 30-minute session. They encourage you to walk-in for a complimentary trial session during their operating hours. Su Aziz


98-G-33A Prima Tanjung Business Centre, Jalan Fettes
Opening hours:
Tue-Sun, 10am-10pm; closed on Mon
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