Being Faust - Enter Mephisto

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Being Faust - Enter Mephisto

Based on Johann Wolfgang von Goethe's drama 'Faust', the game 'Being Faust - Enter Mephisto' is a physical one enriched with online and social media elements. Here's how to play: a group of players gathers at a specific site at a specific time, each assuming the role of young Faust. Equipped with a smartphone and an intention to take life on, players enter the digital world of Mephisto & Co, where values and ideals are up for sale. Once logged into the game, the deal between Faust and Mephisto & Co is sealed: the soul is sold and players will see how far they are willing to go for success and beauty in exchange for true love and friendship.

Gameplay is free but registration is required to secure your session.

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