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You'll never guess what The Rare Barrel founders pair with sour beer

Written by
Virginia Miller

We sat down with Alex Wallash and Jay Goodwin, founders of the Rare Barrel brewery in Berkeley, to get the low down on their next batch of sour beer. 

What brews are coming up next in your all-sour lineup? 

JAY GOODWIN: Beers that are more aromatically driven by combining saison and Brettanomyces yeasts. 

ALEX WALLASH: I'm particularly excited about projects we're working on using sloe berries, passion fruit, gin barrels and bourbon barrels. 

What food pairs best with sour beers? 

JG: Cheese and sour beer pairs so well together because the acidity from the beer cuts through the fat in the cheese. 

Favorite local watering holes? 

JG: I always go to City Beer Store or the patio at Jupiter

AC: I really enjoy grabbing a beer at Cellarmaker Brewing Company. You can count on them to knock it out of the park, whether it's pushing the boundaries on a new brew or just doing the classics really well. 

What do you drink when you're not drinking beer? 

AC: I'm always drinking beer, most likely on a surfboard somewhere between Santa Cruz and Bolinas

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