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Drop in and check out the fantastic views at these libraries

Seoul's libraries are a great spot to read... or just stare out the window. 


Lee Jin-ah Memorial Library

Take a short stroll from Seodaemun Independence Park, and you are met with a brown brick building that has wide glass windows that occupy the entire façade of the library. The Multi-Information Center connects the 3rd and 4th floors, with high ceilings and a wall made entirely of glass. Bibliophiles can enjoy the panoramic view of the small park in front of the library and the sun streaming through the large windows. From the lounge area, you can take in the historic and tranquil scenery of Mt. Inwang and Seodaemun Prison

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Gwangjin District Public Library

The windows are lined with seats where the Han River spreads out right before your eyes. The Gangbyeon Expressway, which didn’t exist when the library first opened in 2000, fills one corner of the landscape as well. Known as the library with a view of the Han River, this book repository has even received an architecture prize from the city of Seoul. The building is divided into two parts—the library building and culture building.

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Seoul Metropolitan Library

Built in the remodeled former Seoul City Hall, the Seoul Metropolitan Library has wooden framed windows from the 1st to 5th floors. The purpose of the windows seems to be more about drawing in the sunlight than providing people with an outdoor view. Sit on the large sofa inside the Seoul Information Center on the 3rd floor, and you might want to take a quick nap with the sun blanketing you in its warmth.

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