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Critic's pick: Must see movies in Janurary

Pop culture critic Kim Bong-seok recommend

The Hateful Eight

Quentin Tarantino always references movies of the past, quotes them and makes masterpieces of his own. What’s it like when he makes a Western?

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Catch Him to survive

A running fight with a time limit is full of tension, especially when the chaser is a villain or if he is strong. Four high school students, who are wanted by gangsters and investigators, run all night.

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The Revenant

When will Leonardo Dicaprio finally get an Academy Award? I’d like to see his acting become even more intense. He sets out in the wild frontier of the 19th century to take vengeance.

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Pawn Sacrifice

Non-fiction is better than fiction. This movie is an adaptation of the truelife story of Bobby Fischer, a chess grandmaster, who defeated the World Chess Champion, Boris Spassky.

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Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter

Fargo inspired this movie and it’s about a woman who believed the suitcase of money from Fargo existed in real life. The plot of the movie already seems quite interesting.

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