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The best new movie releases in September

Running for their lives once more, you can meet these sweaty boys screen coming soon this September

Written by
Hye Won Kim
The Throne
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We know for a fact that Crown Prince Sado of Joseon died in a rice chest. So, what is the story behind this fact? During the movie’s production press conference, Song Kang-ho, who plays King Yeong-jo, said that more than 90% of the movie’s content was based on facts. Director Lee Joon-ik’s movie depicts the tragic family history hidden behind the well-known death of the prince. He follows the heart of the father who had no choice but to kill his own son by locking him in a rice chest. In this movie you get to witness King Yeongjo in his 40s to 80s through Song Kang-ho, who reportedly used a special voice only for this role. Yoo Ah-in plays the part of the tragic crown prince. We look forward to hearing more about how Lee Joon-ik, who produced and directed historical movies such as Once Upon a Time in the Battlefield and King and the Clown, directed this movie.
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  • Action and adventure
In May 1996, Jon Krakauer reached the peak of Mt. Everest and it was there where 18 people met with disaster in the thin air 8,000m above sea level. Jon Krakauer's book Into Thin Air retells their story and Everest is based on this very incident.
Right Now, Wrong Then
  • Movies
  • Drama
Recent winner of the Golden Leopard in Locarno, in which star Jung Jae-young also won the Best Actor prize—this is director Hong Sang-soo’s 17th feature-length movie. Being labeled one of Hong’s wittiest films to date, this is the film to see if you’re a fan of his style.
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